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Tuned percussion modal synthesizer

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2.0 (Updated 11 years ago)
April 11, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower


Ringer is a synthesizer that uses modal synthesis to generate tuned percussion sounds. Modal synthesis consists of a bank of tuned bandpass filters which are excited by an impulse. In this instrument, the impulse is a short burst of noise.

Ringer has 24 modes of vibration, grouped into three groups of eight modes each. The harmonics of each group can be modeled after one of three geometries: a free bar, a clamped bar, or a custom-tuned geometry.

The SpaceMaster 2 reverb is included to provide ambience.

I want to extend my thanks to Jonathan Style for creating the skin and panel elements for this instrument.

Edit: V2 incorporates Jonathan's new skin. No other changes have been made.


Marco Baiotto
3 months ago
wonderful, a ton of thanks
Antoine Babary
2 years ago
Love it ! Thanks & Thanks & Thanks
3 years ago
Great ensemble
Adam Florin
3 years ago
Very clean and deep sound, if you push it. Pleasant contrast to the digital grime of Prism.
Huen Alfee
6 years ago
Nice!Thanks a lot!
Dennis Harms
7 years ago
Great ensemble!
Erik Huhn
8 years ago
good work
jace cavacini
8 years ago
nice bells and bars... but it might help understand how to operate/program this one if there were some snapshots that were sounds other than bells and bars. maybe i don't understand and that's what this synth is really all about ;-) nice work, tho.
Richard Bull
8 years ago
Renaud Schweitzer
9 years ago
Great bell sounds. Thanks
Brian Berg
10 years ago
I really should comment AFTER attempting to program it some more, but this seems to be gold throughout! Thanks!
Artur Nowak
10 years ago
Beautiful sound, pro ensemble. Thanks!
ljekio ulmar
10 years ago
One of best instruments in my Reaktor collection. Thank You!
Terone Bullock
10 years ago
Very Nice bell sounds
Robert Bourne
10 years ago
This is a really gorgeous instrument -- so flexible to program, a beguiling sonic quality, an intriguing way to make beautiful sound. Thank you so much! I'm going to spend the next few weeks with it... VERY addictive.
Prismtone Studios
10 years ago
Very nice. Thanks!
aldo rodriguez
11 years ago
great sounds... thanks... I attached a dancer with sensors and a IcubeX and excellent results... best and thanks
Robin Barklis
11 years ago
interesting. it sounds really nice to assign controllers and play around...
John Kammeyer-Mueller
11 years ago
Brilliant. This is extremely useful for all sorts of music. The sound is organic enough that it sits naturally in a mix alongside physical instruments. Loads of fun to tweak as well.
sandro amatucci
11 years ago
wonderfulll bells !! and a very innovative look ! thank you very much
Michael Barker
11 years ago
Very nice indeed.
Andres Jankowski
11 years ago
great instrument
11 years ago
Thanks Chet, I used it in a host without Spacemaster added SIR2.2 by Christian Knufinke. On the thinner snaps is unisono 2 a good deal.
11 years ago
interesting concept - well done !!
John Stainton
11 years ago
one of the best and most "natual" sounding reaktor modules I've played with in a long time - superb!
Bagnoud Hervé
11 years ago
exellent work, thanks (:
Chet Singer
11 years ago
I've added Jonathan's updated skin to version 2. Version 1, with the original skin, is still available.
gabriel mulzer
11 years ago
beautiful instrument, also nice gui and good gui concept didnt check Don's snaps yet, for my taste the original snaps were too clean too... but thats quick & easy to change here
Jonathan Style
11 years ago
I have uploaded an alternative skin to the forum for this instrument that will make the font clear. It is just the BMP graf so you will have to load it into the picture module.
norbert dutschke
11 years ago
Jonathan Style
11 years ago
I can still chnage that, would it be enough to make it brighter, or is it really the font type that is the problem.
Don Dailey
11 years ago
After working with this ... I noticed this makes very interesting sounds when the course knob under Mode Harmonics is swept up or down. It might be interesting to have an LFO control them. As much as I appreciate the fine work done on the UI, I found the font/font color comination a bit hard on the eyes for programming work.
Don Dailey
11 years ago
just great. some of these sounds rival my best percussion samples! the interface is perfection.
ned Bouhalassa
11 years ago
Wow, beautiful instrument. I LOVE it. Thanks for this great ensemble.
Phil Durrant
11 years ago
wonderful... thank you!!
François GIRARD
11 years ago
Beautiful organic vibes... Interface is really nice and it's easy to produce very "undersea" sounds...
Kimmo Kivelä
11 years ago
Very clear and beautiful bells. FM-like but more into musically harmonic. Randomizer into it.
Christopher Soulos
11 years ago
beautiful sound
David Waldman
11 years ago
A unique idea & stunning interface. Well done.