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Frankenloop XII

Random-enabled MIDI monosequencer

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1.1 (Updated 13 years ago)
June 20, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


The Frankenloop is a monosequencer in which you can either draw note sequences with the mouse, or play notes in from a MIDI controller. The "chance" table determines the probability that a particular step will hit or not.

To learn more, watch the screencast at:

This will be the basis of some upcoming tutorial material at


Joshua Rochowiak
11 years ago
Thank you so much for this Mr. Dines.
paul schoenherr
13 years ago
beautiful sounds and a great interface look I'll be looking forward to more of your work in the future
E Mueller
13 years ago
unbelievable! you have really good talent - I hope you are going far with it! this instrument alone shows me how gifted you are... just going to try the other instruments you put up...
13 years ago
Thanks Peter. It is useful.
Don Dailey
13 years ago
super groovy!
Tom Jepson
13 years ago
Very nice, very nice indeed. An achievement, I think!