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Erase Your Table with button click

Macro for erasing both tables - Audio Table & Event Table with one button click

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1.2 (Updated 12 years ago)
April 18, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower


The title says it all - two macro elements which allow to erase your tables with one button click.

1) Event Table is erased using Event Core Cell break counter and Iteration module. You can set value with which your table will be erased. Table is erased in two dimensions - X and Y.

2) Audio Table is erased using Audio Core Cell break counter and few macro modules. You can set erase value as well. Table is erased in two dimension also.

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you have only one dimension - X, set DY to 0, otherwise it won't work.

Each macro has its description as well as ports information, so you won't get confused.

Please, don't forget to leave your comments and if there are any bugs in these elements, don't forget to report them. Thanks!


Jason Chatzilias
8 years ago
just what i needed...thanks!
Aleksandr Smirnov
12 years ago
If you're looking for some good additions to these nice modules, please, tell me.
anton somov
12 years ago
simple and usefull thing thanks p.s. replenishment of building blocks ammunition )
electri- fire
12 years ago
I can use this. Thank you.
Aleksandr Smirnov
12 years ago
Bertrand Antolin
12 years ago
Hooray !