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Splatter Pitch Analyze Tool

Pitch Detection Analyzing Tool

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1.1 (Updated 12 years ago)
April 18, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower
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The idea of this cooperative project with other forum user (BertAnt) and me was born from his posts in my Blog and on NI's forum:

The main idea behind this project was to creative comprehensive and easy-to-use tool for pitch detection. And we think we did it good.

Splatter is ensemble which allows to detect pitch of different waveforms - from basic ones (for example saw and sine) to complex ones (vocals or guitar chords). You will need to detect pitch in some cases, for example if you want to use some sample in your tracks, but you don't know pitch of it, or you're going to play live with some setup and you need to know pitch of your guitar sample.

Pitch detection method that lies behind this ensemble is zero-crossing method and introduced by BertAnt. This happens when wave gets 0. Basically waveform goes through filter, which after that does better zero-crossing of waveform and determins speed of these zero-crossings - that means frequency of waveform.

Idea of using Pitch Detection Table and interesting GUI work was my part, while technical part of pitch detection belonged to BertAnt.

This project wouldn't be implemented without help of one more user - Cookiemonster, which kindly made for us Core Cell, that allows to detect most often value in an array:

Ensemble is provided with FAQ on B view as well as with description of each module.

You may also find useful this upload of BertAnt:

We hope you'll find it useful and we're really looking forward to your feedback! Thanks!

A. Smirnov & BertAnt


David Rosenboom
8 years ago
Thanks. I've modified the input filter structure of "Berts" macro to suit my purposes and extracted it for use in a pitch following function to drive compositional algorithms from microphone signals. To stabilize the outputs further, I also use smoothing and quantizing. The result is quite solid.
Drew Cady
9 years ago
Thank You I am using a macro from this ensemble, "Bert's P Det" with a live input instead of a sample. I added a range, offset and smoother to drive other plugin values. Cool.
Aleksandr Smirnov
12 years ago
Hi, Oliver! Sorry for late comments, I didn't check UL for a while.
Oliver Saherwala
12 years ago
Hi Aleksandr, very good work. Extracting the melody from a wave file was something I have ever dreamed of since I started with reaktor. I got good results with your and bertrands ensembles. Thx for that
Aleksandr Smirnov
12 years ago
Has anyone used it so far? :)