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An Invention!

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1.0 (Updated 9 years ago)
December 11, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is a hybrid FM/Subtractive Synthesizer. I became obsessed with adding subtle "errors" to make it fit the Steampunk design. A nice departure from my usual digital creations.

Included is a signal chain guide and a control guide.

Special thanks to Mr. Style for the empty panel instrument.

As always, if you have any improvement suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.


Sam Mover
4 years ago
Lars Bo Hermansen
5 years ago
Nice design. Thanks.
Krister Jonsson
7 years ago
Absolutely love this one!!!
Alberto Zin
8 years ago
A great "steampunk" device. I'd like to have a real synth with this man-machine interface. :-) Great sounding and looking machine.
Adam Anderson
8 years ago
Mark Mcdonald
8 years ago
All this praise. I must have it!
Christian Mona
9 years ago
Love it!
9 years ago
Very poetical, sort of Jule Verne instrumentarium for captain Nemo... "subtle errors" make the soul of digital sounds. Thanks a lot !
Timothy Goodier
9 years ago
Can feel the steam softly rushing through it.
Sean Behling
9 years ago
This is awesome, thank you!
ernest meyer
9 years ago
The gear knobs are quite striking in operation :)
9 years ago
very great interface and sounds
William French
9 years ago
This is SUPERB! Beautiful interface, and wonderful sounds. This instrument really sets a high standard. Thank you!
Adam Hanley
9 years ago
Once again, special thanks to Jonathan Style for those GUI elements and the inspiration to build this.
Stefan Knauthe
9 years ago
Hey Adam, just fantastic...! What a great designed GUI...! Thank you for this nice gift...!!!
Jesse Voccia
9 years ago
What an incredible Christmas present. Total inspiration. Please make more. Every preset is great.
Tobias Heide
9 years ago
all of the above and more.. 10/10 thx
Jonathan Style
9 years ago
David Waldman
9 years ago
I just rated your ensemble a 10...not because it's perfect, but rather because it exemplifies what Reaktor is SUPPOSED to be. Damned fine work.