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Clu-Star Vox

The vocoder of the!

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1.1 (Updated 9 years ago)
January 25, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Filter


The final Clu-Star instrument. A self contained vocoder effect.

The pitch of the carrier oscillator can either be set by the pitch knob, or played with MIDI depending on your needs.

The number of frequency bands can be changed by changing the number of voices for the instrument.


[***VERSION 1.1 UPDATE***]
Now includes stereo input version. Though I recommend you still use the mono version with mono inputs as it uses less CPU.


Ng Mui
5 years ago
Unique, simple and awesome, I love it, not just for vocals :D
Peter Bradley
6 years ago
This is a pleasure to use and very useful. One of the best I've tried from the user library so far.
PJ Spencer
7 years ago
Eryck Abecassis
8 years ago
Très beau !!! many thanks
Gregory Wells-King
9 years ago
Just realised how great they are on drums, something different, be very good scaled into a multi chained effect unit. and or event multi effect.
Gregory Wells-King
9 years ago
All the Cluster FX are great, simple effective and individual. Excellent work, Thank's.
Matt Mower
9 years ago
Nicely done. It sounds really good.
Tasos Eliopoulos
9 years ago
ian ainslie
9 years ago
Yeah, this is great!! A definate keeper.
9 years ago
Very nice effect!
Oliver Saherwala
9 years ago
Fascinating! A stereoversion would be nice. A 10-Point-Ensemble.
Nicky Wire
9 years ago
Marco Post
9 years ago
Len Bartush
9 years ago
Peter Ehrlich
9 years ago
Damn! You're on a roll.