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8 Tap Delay BPM

8 Tap Delay Unit version 3

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3.0 (Updated 2 years ago)
February 24, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Delay based


An 8 tap delay based upon the Kurzweil KDFX algorithm #134 with the same name. It has delay lengths determined by the tempo, expressed in beats per minute (BPM), and multiples or fractions of beats (bts).
It has feedback control, X-fade and filtering of the feedback signal.
I hope you enjoy it.

Version 2:
Added input and through amp controls to balance levels.
Added activate button to bypass the delay and for control by midi foot pedal.
A little re-design of the front panel including tips for each control.

Version 3:
After using this delay with the new Maschine Mk3, I noticed that the timing was out for longer feedback lengths > 4 bars. On analysis, I realised that the core memory buffers needed to be set to maximum and allowing a 32 beat feedback loop was too long for the maximum buffer, so I reduced the longest feedback and tap lengths to 16 beats. This will improve accuracy for most uses, but will increase cpu usage a little. At higher sample rates however, longer delay settings may lose accuracy.
Apologies for this long standing bug!
It now syncs beautifully with the beats on my Maschine.


ian ainslie
2 years ago
Great effects unit! Had a play with it and it's already being used in my latest track. Thanks so much for creating and sharing :)