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Rock Solid Clock for 5.7.1

A reliable clock that resets and restarts properly

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1.0 (Updated 8 years ago)
November 07, 2012
Reaktor 5 or lower


Recently I've been working on some new sequenced ensembles and found to my horror that the clock macro I'd been relying on no longer worked properly. Bit rot? Slow change in behavior from version to version? I'm not sure. The problem was the old zero reset bug - old hands at Reaktor are nodding sagely right now - where the first beat or note would not fire off after resetting the song position to zero.

So I went through some frantic experiments and experienced a genuine Dark Night of the Soul until I put something together based on my old clock macros, hints from forums, and ideas from the Reaktor user library.

Special thanks to Owen Vallis on the forums who came up with the genius idea of using the mod output of the Modulo module to gate the Div output. So much better than using a silly old step filter.

Bang on it and let me know if you find bugs!


Henrik Laugesen
2 years ago
michael o'hagan
3 years ago
Thank you very much.
Solar Shaman
4 years ago
*Sorry, not "strip", but "Pads"
Solar Shaman
4 years ago
Connected to the sequencer 4DEX. All is working well. Thank you! I want to see the ensemble of the "strip" of 3 versions of reaktor. It is also possible a faulty clock. Can't find the error.
Jonathan Canupp
8 years ago
Thank you! I'm sure you just saved me some hours of head-scratching.