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phonePad (DTMF Generator)

Touch Tones w/Lemur layout

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September 30, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower


I was at lunch, reading about DTMF out of boredom, and decided to apply the method I've been using to prototype upon building a stupid little phone layout. Includes the ABCD keys that other Instruments left out, but does not have dial tone or ringing or busy sound like the others.

Includes a Lemur layout with some nice examples of Lemur scripting. Dial phone numbers on your iPad and realize you haven't heard ever heard the sound of so many phone numbers you know actually being dialed in a long time.


Charles Capsis IV
6 years ago
Synchronicity? I just finished something similar. Take a look at my "Public Telephone." I was more interested in dial tones however. I think it's pretty funny that we both included the ABCD keys.