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Sample Based Audio Mangler

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Version 1.1 (Updated 1 year ago)
February 23, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


Ruidoz is a sample based virtual machine for making beats or soundscapes.
This audio mangler consist on 127 shorts electric, liquid and metallic samples, played in a random mode or in single mode.
All are processed by 4 lines of effects ( multi, filter, looper and reverb) and launched with a step sequencer.
Ruidoz aimed to be played live or for producing strange rythmic patterns.

Changelog 1.1:
- new stereo pan : I found it misses when you want to externally control the stereo image.
- in/out button to enable external midi output : disable the sequencer and launch Ruidoz samples with your keyboards, midi pads or any midi gate input. ( note : the pitch is fixed on the same root note for every keys)
- more precise ADSR enveloppe
- now the Looper is independant from the FX level section,
- I cleaned up the ensemble and morph/isolate some parameters, so now, it's working better with the snapshots randomize/morphing functions.
- some additional hints & presets.

This the version 1.1. If you are looking for more features, more samples, RUIDOZ v2 is available for purchase at*.
*Hacemos ruido'z aqui !

For Reaktor User Library only. And please don’t distribute the samples outside of this ensemble.

Have fun with it ! :D


Frutos Barrio
5 days ago
Pefect!!!You WIN!!!!
Jacques Gyapay
1 month ago
Is Modeo okay with you stealing a part of his track ?
Andrew Madden
9 months ago
@david coffin, I ended up doing the same thing! I use these CONSTANTLY. And now I'm looking into all their other products hahah.
David Coffin
10 months ago
Love this, so I bought the commercial version, loved that even more! I added several automators to this version via IC sends, see thread here:
carlo reimer
12 months ago
+ and Gate Length
carlo reimer
12 months ago
okay, here me changes to play transpose and different samples per note.
carlo reimer
12 months ago
Edit: have found it, have add a midi note event "pitch" on Resynth-Modul. But i can not play other samples with Keyboard/ PianoRoll in FL-Studio, from the "ROM". I will try again...
carlo reimer
12 months ago
ohoh, this is so cool, nice gfx, nice functions. How can i play this like an instrument via Notes. and i want more control about samples. Like a Sequencer on the freeze...but i have no idea about programming Reaktor ^^...but i will try :D Thank u very much for this nice Ensemble. Hopefully u add some nice additions...
milan tofiloski
1 year ago
Holyfukc. Holyholyfukc. Perfection.
Sylvain Stoppani
1 year ago
@Mark : You can use your own samples but you must enable "loop" in the Reaktor sample map editor. Hope it helps. Mail me if you need more tips ;)
Mark Griffiths
1 year ago
hi, can you load your own samples - I've tried but it doesn't seem to have worked. Maybe your payware version does that?
Garvan Doherty
1 year ago
Absolutely amazing work- mind blowing ensemble!
jason corder
1 year ago
definitely some really fun sounds out of this one - especially hitting the random button in the snapshots section! good show chap.
year zero
1 year ago
very cool ! And, per my usual inquiry with all the Sample Based ensembles... Can you make this accept real time audio? Cheers! great work!
Michael Fitzsimmons
1 year ago
I DL'd this one a while ago and have been meaning to come back and compliment this one - really, really good ensemble hey! I've been getting quite a bit of use it since I grabbed it. Keep up the good work :)
Sam Mover
2 years ago
Alex Fiorentino
2 years ago
This thing is so sweet!! Great tool for sample designing and loop creation. And obviously a live instrument. This is highly recommended and get weird with it. Great GUI design also..
Marc Bayer
2 years ago
Thanks ...Excellent! Great glitchy beats.
Phil Durrant
2 years ago
this is a great upload. The FX section really works very well with the sequenced glitchy sounds.
Jaroslaw Iwanoczko
2 years ago
Alot of fun. Big inspiration in the sound creation process. One from MUST HAVE ensembles.
Justin Browning
2 years ago
Wonderful interface and a lot of fun to play or experiment with. You're very generous, thanks!!
Marco Scherer
2 years ago
This is just awesome! Great results, especially for grooves. Just the right level of randomness. Love it!
Scott Moncrieff
2 years ago
Really cool device and inspiring design, in fact having passion for gui design as well as redesign myself, I've taken your design and made a lot of changes, some of which you may like to adapt and others which you should consider, particularly to the size of the fonts on the current version you have which is rather small and hard to read at 1080p res. In the case of the redesign, I'm aware there are some limitations in graphic overlays with sample players with Reaktor. Online you can find by the name of The Intrancer over at the new Reasontalk forum where I'm running a thread dedicated to the world of Reaktor ensembles. .Anyways here's the edited version of your design for you to check out, I look forward to any updates and new ensembles you come up with, keep up the good work :)
Jesse Juup
2 years ago
Excellent in so many ways! Looking forward to more samples and libraries.
rick scott
2 years ago
Excellent! Great glitchy beats, really well done.
Sylvain Stoppani
2 years ago
Cool !! I m glad to see this noisy thing received like this. Thanks for all this compliments and other good suggestions. Be sure there's more to come as I found time and energy to add new stuff.
David DeLizza
2 years ago
Holy crap i just generated a whole folder of HUD sounds in like 5 minutes. Beautiful addition to the library. This is one of those "don't try to fight it with your own thing, let it do magic for you" ensembles
2 years ago
Hey Sylvain, great work! The voice combiner in front of visual filters can be deleted. You need VC from poly to mono only.
william blackie
2 years ago
This is a good bit of fun, can see i'll be using this a lot. many thanks
2 years ago
good job, thanks for sharing. hope that vol 001 means there's more to come!
2 years ago
Sylvain, if you pack in rar the size is 4 MB.
Jason Leiter
2 years ago
Excellent. I'm already making some cool stuff after about 5 minutes. It all makes sense to my brain and it inspired ideas almost instantly. Well done.
michael lancaster
2 years ago
I like this.Lots of scope for new noises. Thank you for sharing 10
Lars Bo Hermansen
2 years ago
Super GUI and Samples. Good sound. Good Presets. Everything works beautiful in stand alone mode it looks like. Pleasant to work with. Very good gift to the users. Respekt for you. Thanks. Intuitive instrument. But maybe you would like to put info tips on everything anyway as you clearly like details to be in order. You already have done the tips on yhe most important knobs to have tips on. Very well done.