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modulation source

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June 08, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower
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modulation source for analog synthesisers and effect pedals using a MIDI-to-CV converter/interface. Reaktor generates MIDI CC data (CC29 and CC30) that can be used for various destinations. I designed it for the QuNexus CV2 and CV3 outputs.

There are two LFO's and two envelopes which are triggered by the respective LFO. The two outputs can send a mixed signal of all 5 sources (polyphonic aftertouch/pressure from the QuNexus is the fifth).

Note for Cubase users: you will probably get 100% CPU load as soon as you send the MIDI signals to any MIDI-CV converter. I don't know why. It will work, but recording the audio at the same time might be difficult. Other DAWs don't exhibit this strange behaviour.

Works best with Lemur. Get the template at

How to use: load the ensemble and route the MIDI output to a MIDI-CV converter, or to a MIDI synth etc. Patch the control voltages to analog synths or into the expression input of effect pedals. Enhance your modular system or patchable small synth like Microbrute with extravagant CV sources that would cost a fortune in hardware.