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Semi Modular Synth

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1.25 (Updated 6 years ago)
August 18, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower


Implemented many different ideas from the user library--there is a big preset list. Manual routing with combo boxes.

Wide variety of sounds, standard Reaktor quality. Some presets are based on the DAW playback sequence.

How to use:
In the mid center are the outputs. The best way to do this is to reverse connect the routing, which is difficult until you are familiar with this method. For example, when using the INIT preset, you can start clean. Each audio module section has an input combo box. You select the incoming signal you want to use. Osc1 is automatically routed to Amp1(Envelope), Osc2 to Amp2, Osc3 to Amp3 etc. You can recognize the module function by looking at the options available.
You can send osc1, 2 ,3 and 4 to the merger and select that merger in the output section or another module you want to route it to. You can also route 4 independent chains, giving you more options. Some modules do not use audio routing and are event based. The left mergers are used for event signals the right mergers for audio signals.

There are multiple sequencers included. Using the Arpeggiator is different from the Gate Sequencers and has many options to work with different approaches. These are event table-based sequencers which may not have snapshot saving. To work around this, you need to resave the ensemble after you change the pattern.

In some cases, you can only use a sequencer if you enable it in an event combo box somewhere in the field. (This might be hard to trace back.)

You can also use the synth as FX and feed any sound in there you like.
As well as selecting Sampler in the oscillator module, you can load any wav you want.

To set unison voices you have to be in edit mode, right click on the Psycologic above and select properties, then select the functions tab on the left. The amount of unison voices you set can be saved within the snapshot.

Modifier module,
This module can modify your event chain, shifting inverting or setting a different range.

Pitch Formula,
This can be found in the upper right section using the Select combo box.
There are multiple scale lock options available which have their separate corresponding knobs. Ladder to the Ladder knob, Roll over for the Roll1 and Roll2 knobs.

Mod Envelopes
This can be found in the upper right section using the Select Combo box. (Mod Env A, Mod Env
You can draw any type of envelope you want by using the right mouse button to add or delete a point. Curves can also be set with the smaller points in between.
You can use the envelopes, for example, if you look for the Filter Cutoff combo box. You can select any event source to modulate the cutoff.

Simple preset example:
Find the Mixer module (Volume,Drive,Dist,Bypass,High,Mid,Low)
Set the input to OSC1, find the Outputs and select Mixer 1 on the 1st output named 1.
Go to the right panel and select Sync Delay, power it on and configure the delay a bit. You can also use more different fx included in the upper right panel.

There are more options than i can explain in this description. Hope everyone enjoys!

Jasper Broeks


Thabiso Mbatha
5 years ago
Thabiso Muzi Mbatha Good for Deep Organic House
Lord Skorpz
5 years ago
You had me at "Sound Demo" :)
Sam Mover
6 years ago
Christian Huygen
6 years ago
Jasper many many thanks for the great description you uploaded. And for this wonderful nasty unpredictable beast you have made.
Huen Alfee
6 years ago
Wow ! it's a crazy Synth ! Great work!
dorin dodita
6 years ago
It's super,bravo
Christian Huygen
6 years ago
This is a wonderful ensemble. The selection of presets is great. I'm impressed with how many great elements you included. I wish I understood better how the modulation and signal routing worked because I'd love to get in there and play. Would you mind giving a few comments in the description? Thanks.
Thomas Clement
6 years ago
This is just fantastic
Mary Jean-Philippe
6 years ago
Good "Hardcore/Gabber" sounds here.... ! :)
Nigel Taylor
6 years ago
Awesome, great presets and lots of options from an 'Init'
Matthias Schaffner
6 years ago
What a machine! Thank You very much! One thing: The Wave Osc doesn't show up when selected in the upper right macro.