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Otoacoustic Emissions Generator (Test)

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August 29, 2015
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This is a first draft of an ensemble to play around with otoacoustic emissions - also known as ear tones. Since making this Ive learned how to accurately create these tones, so this synth is not really that helpful, but I'm leaving up here since it can still be fun! I'll eventually add a version that better creates the ear tones.

Our ears are not just receivers of sound, they also emit sound in response to stimuli. Electronic music composer Maryanne Amacher created music which could bring out these sounds - and this ensemble is a sort of attempt to do the same. Even though sometimes only 2 tones are playing, your ear creates a 3rd tone - not just the perception of a 3rd tone - but an actual tone! Technically you can put a microphone in your ear and record this 3rd tone!


-The pulses can sometimes get out of sync - just press the "SYNC" button :)
-WOBBLE adds a slight LFO (sine) to left and right channels (different LFOs so there can be some difference tones)
-Global Speed is controlled by the floating fader button over the 'mouth' of the patch
-Button under each of the side Pulse Freq Choosers inverts the pulse. Button under the center Pulse Freq Chooser turns it off or on. The center PFC is sort of like a global LFO (sqr wave).

From Maryanne:
“When played at the right sound level, which is quite high and exciting, the tones in this music will cause your ears to act as neurophonic instruments that emit sounds that will seem to be issuing directly from your head … (my audiences) discover they are producing a tonal dimension of the music which interacts melodically, rhythmically, and spatially with the tones in the room. Tones ‘dance’ in the immediate space of their body, around them like a sonic wrap, cascade inside ears, and out to space in front of their eyes … Do not be alarmed! Your ears are not behaving strange or being damaged! … these virtual tones are a natural and very real physical aspect of auditory perception, similar to the fusing of two images resulting in a third three dimensional image in binocular perception … I want to release this music which is produced by the listener …” (Maryanne Amacher)


Thorsten Gartemann
6 years ago
Pretty cool. Thanks.
Ng Mui
6 years ago
Thanks for making/sharing quite interesting!!!