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AXYS 0.1

XY pad with throwable ball

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0.1 (Updated 4 years ago)
September 19, 2015
Reaktor 6
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AXYS is an XY modulation pad with a ball or block that you can pick up with the mouse and throw around (click, drag, release whilst dragging).

There are outputs for X and Y, and for S (X-Y). When the ball/block hits any of the sides a gate is sent from its associated output (T, B, L, R).

The motion of the ball can be triggered by a mouse throw or by a gate signal at the X or Y gate inputs. The speed and direction of the ball is set by the speed/direction of the mouse throw.

The acceleration and deceleration of the ball is set using attack and decay knobs. Set both to 0 for normal XY pad behaviour. The RTZ button determines whether the ball returns to 0 (the middle) or runs free.

I've included an example ensemble with two AXYS blocks - the first sends gates to one of 4 envelopes and controls various sources with its XYS outputs. The second controls a Driver block's mod inputs. Throw the top block or play a note to get the notes going and throw the second to change the driver. The pitch input from the keyboard to the OSCs is disabled but that's easily changeable.


There are some bugs to iron out and a few more features that I'd like to implement. The graphics need developing and I'd like to include different waveforms for the ball motion.

It's still early days for me in Reaktor - any comments, criticisms, feature requests etc would be welcome!


David X
12 months ago
Hi MW, This is a great block! I’ve made a block similar to it and I’ve used some of your macros for the puck behavior, I’m making it part of a new pack of blocks I’m working on. Just wanted to get permission to use your macros. Thanks!
Christian Huygen
4 years ago
Wonderful. Small suggestion - if you add your excellent description to the Info section of the block itself, everyone will be able to have access to it while they're using your awesome block. Thanks!
ae ae
4 years ago
Thanks MW
Mike Woloszyn
4 years ago
years agoo i built something like this. feel free to get inspierd.
4 years ago
Thanks Christian. Yes, I'm going to experiment with adding a sine wave, and maybe a user drawable option (somehow?!) - though that may require some logical thinking that is beyond me for the moment :)
Christian Linder
4 years ago
nice work. I can imagine, with different waveform movements for the ball, there are possibilities for interesting modulations.