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0.1 (Updated 17 years ago)
December 02, 2000
Reaktor 5 or lower


Hi,Here's a minor modification to siegmar's Gabi ensemble.1) Now, the clock is linked to Cubase and Gabi is reset when you stop and play using Cubase and Gabi as VST instrument.In fact, I just copy-pasted the KNARZOMAT clock. Thanks didier :-)There's no "power" button anymore in the seq part of the ensemble. But now the clock is perfectly synced to cubase, and much easier to use as VST instrument within Cubase. I guess it could be possible to re-implant this function using the new clock module. May be one day... 2) I added a "help" button in the delay part, that sets regen to zero, useful when you get endless clicks, especially when you change the waveform of the synth. Curiously, you can now change the waveform, the clicks aren't endless anymore (very strange...) and so, this button is useless . But is seems that it fixed the prob.Bug report:on my iMac, sometimes when I change the gabi instrument snapshot, I haven't anymore sound output. The only workaround I found is to stop Reaktor ("0" on the numeric keyboard), change the sample frequency to reset the synth, and then it works again...I already had this prob with some other synths. Annoying but i found a workaround, so it is okay :-)SPECIAL THANKS TO : - Didier Leboz for Knarzomat, may be not the most realistic 303 emulation, but definitely the one that sounds the greatest. I love the filter part, thanks for this contribution!- Siegmar Kreie for every instrument. I love them all :-)love and peace...bubu° (from bubuland)