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Once you’ve finished building your tracks, equalizers (EQs) and filters can help sculpt it into a truly polished production. Equalizer plugins and filters are vital at every step in the production process – from adding character to individual instruments to the final finesse of a mastered track – and Native Instruments offers a variety of different tools to suit any


EQ VSTs for mixing and mastering are a fundamental tool for any producer, because they allow you to place instruments and sounds exactly where you want them. EQ VSTs allow you to take the raw sounds and sculpt them into a balanced, unique, and dynamic track.

There are numerous equalizer plugin VSTs options available in our portfolio, each with its own place in a production workflow – some are multitools that can be used any time, while others give a unique and distinctive feel to certain elements within a mix.


Produced in collaboration with Softube, the PREMIUM TUBE SERIES offers two powerful EQ plugins and a flexible compressor, offering the high-end sound of outboard gear in an easy-to-use, and easy to manage plugin. The two EQs included are the PASSIVE EQ and ENHANCED EQ. The PASSIVE EQ is an all-purpose tool for every stage of production, while the ENHANCED EQ fills out the low end of your mix and gives your midrange more definition and clarity.

The PASSIVE EQ VST runs standalone in any DAW with a fully-parametric two-channel, four-band equalizer, high and low pass filters, and numerous presets for fast, professional mixing. This is in addition to separate stereo links for each EQ band or filter, as well as mid/side processing for high-end spatialization and an A/B mode for hyper-fast comparisons.

ENHANCED EQ, on the other hand, is less of a general tool and more of a precision instrument, bringing studio-quality warmth, body, and definition to the lower end of your mix with just three bands and some special parameters. The simplicity of the interface makes for an intuitive EQ plugin, while the unique parameters make for an unmistakable sound. This EQ is ideal for individual instruments within the mix, focussed on basses, drums, and synths. 


The SOLID MIX SERIES delivers studio console sound in a simple-to-use virtual rack. It includes SOLID BUS COMP, SOLID EQ, and SOLID DYNAMICS, which combine to offer a comprehensive tool set to shape your sound.

The SOLID EQ is a 6-band equalizer – two fully-parametric mid-range bands and two semi-parametric high and low bands – that can switch between a shelf and bell curve. This EQ VST has transparent results and a clean interface to match, and is capable of everything from high precision enhancements to sweeping frequency changes.  


Basic frequency filters are used for general correction in a mix and are fundamental to the workflow of any producer. Native Instruments creative filters, on the other hand, are tools to sculpt your sound exactly how you want – adding depth, character, and uniqueness to a mix.


DRIVER is a powerhouse that offers a two-part plugin for creative distortion and a high-quality filter in a single package. The resonant filter is highly versatile, offering both low pass and notch settings that can be modulated with the envelope follower, and fine-tuned using precise Smooth and Release controls and frequency modulation sections. Meanwhile, the distortion section allows you to create amazing textures – from subtly tweaking your tracks to completely crushing your sound.


Simple, streamlined, and elegant, REPLIKA is the essential delay VST for any production workflow. REPLIKA delivers three distinct algorithms – Modern, Vintage Digital, and Diffusion. Modern offers the clear repeats of high-end delays, while Vintage Digital brings a little more grit and character. Diffusion gives your projects a unique sound, falling somewhere between delay and reverb.

Additionally, REPLIKA has a built-in resonant filter and classic phaser to add even more character to your mix.  


A creative multimode delay, REPLIKA XT has five distinct delay modes, which can be tweaked further with a number of advanced options. The five modes offer great flexibility and creative control over your sound, while the various parameters provide a way to target specific elements for precise control.

Three of the modes – Modern, Vintage Digital, and Diffusion – will be familiar to REPLIKA users, but this delay VST adds another two modes: Analogue and Tape. Analogue recreates the sound of pedals, while Tape provides you with the unmistakable feel of an old tape echo unit.


Each of these EQ plugins and delay VSTs deliver a unique tool for part or all of your production workflow. Combined, they represent part of Native Instruments vast toolkit for mixing, mastering, and production. Explore the best VST delays, EQs, and filters in the Native Instruments collection today. 

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