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Audio delays and reverb plugins are among the most popular and widely used effects in music production today. From lightly reverbed vocals to the ambient atmospheric soundscapes and unique granular textures of the most experimental delays, the Native Instruments collection of delay and reverb VSTs combine intuitive user interfaces and formidable digital signal processing for the ultimate in audio manipulation.  

Thanks to a naturally occurring sound wave phenomena known as reflection, audio reverb emulates reverberation, where a sound bounces or reflects off a surface that vibrates and returns to the listener. An audio delay mimics a similar process but is more comparable to an echo, where the original sound is followed by the delayed sound.

Both audio reverb and audio delay create complex textures on all types of audio signals, from warping single instruments to bringing your entire mix some much needed space. They can also be used on the fly in DJ sets or as a powerful tool for sound design, offering everything from expansive and dramatic modulations to subtle diffusion effects that are perfect for creating texture and space.


In the 1930s, the first reverb effects were created by playing recordings in reverberating spaces, such as halls and bathrooms. Within 20 years, dedicated audio reverb effects were being developed, with spring reverbs and plate reverbs using an electromechanical transducer to create vibrations. This was followed by digital reverbs in the 1970s, and VST reverb plugins in the 1990s.

The Native Instruments’ collection features call-backs to those halcyon days of analog effects alongside forward-thinking reverb software made for the 21st century. The REVERB CLASSICS collection bundles together two legendary reverb units, the RC24, and RC48, to deliver lush, dynamic dimensions to your studio. Seamlessly integrating into any DAW, these analog emulations stay true to the originals while streamlining the user interface for intuitive workflows.

At the other end of the spectrum, both REFLEKTOR and RAUM push the creative boundaries of audio reverb into new territories. REFLEKTOR delivers convolution reverb effects with over 300 impulse responses included, while RAUM helps create everything from subtle spaces to huge granular textures with its high-fidelity reverb engine.


The original audio delay effects relied on magnetic tape loops to cycle back the sound and adjust the length of the tape, while read-write heads controlled the echo. Solid-state delays were introduced in the 1970s, with digital audio delays following soon after.

The Native Instruments collection of VST delays includes REPLIKA and REPLIKA XT, which deliver a broad spectrum of sonic flexibility made for a comprehensive range of delay effects. REPLIKA is the essential delay for any studio, featuring three high-fidelity algorithms for the most elegant echoes, along with a resonant filter and classic phaser – while REPLIKA XT goes even further, providing five vivid delay modes for intricate rhythms, intuitive mixing tricks, and a host of artist presets to help you recreate your favorite sounds from celebrated producers and musicians.  

Explore the Native Instruments range of delay and reverb plugins and extend your sonic capabilities with our inspiring and easy to use VST effects.

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