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Over 300 Impulse Response samples (IRs) are included in REFLEKTOR, grouped in 15 categories for easy browsing and quick access:
IR Type Number
Big Halls 39
Medium Halls 30
Chambers 34
Medium Rooms 29
Small Rooms 32
Medium Ambiences 12
Small Ambiences 18
Long Plates 31
Short Plates 21
Big Studios 16
Small Studios 26
Churches 10
Cathedrals 10
Springs 9
Special 32
Total 349


While browsing through the different categories, each of the IRs tells you about its length, characteristics and source simply by its filename. Below you will find more information on the sources and background for the IRs contained in REFLEKTOR.


More than 70% of the IRs are found under this category. These super-versatile, studio ready spaces have been inspired by some of the world’s greatest digital reverb units, such as:

Alesis Quadraverb ™
Dynacord DRP-20 ™
Eventide Eclipse ™
Eventide Reverb 2016 ™
Lexicon MX500 ™
Lexicon PCM91 ™
Quantec Yardstick 2496 ™
TC Electronic Reverb 4000 ™
Yamaha SPX2000 ™


These IRs are sampled from original and rare vintage plate and spring reverb units, including the EMT 140™ and Peavey Valveverb™, among others. They're guaranteed to bring that much sought-after analogue sound to your recordings and productions.


Taken from actual spaces such as clubs, concert halls, cathedrals, recording studios etc, the Real IR samples instantly create the rich atmosphere of these locations in your tracks. They have been captured by the team at Studio Devices.


In contrary to real IRs, these synthesized IRs were created by computing responses. The settings for these innovative IRs were explicitly selected by Rahe-Kraft - a company specializing in acoustic room design - using the room acoustics simulation software PureVerb™ by CATT. They selected virtual room parameters and PureVerb™ created these truly unique and great-sounding IRs.


MoReVoX, who have a highly reputed name in sound design, created many of these, alongside Denis Gökdag, the creator of DEEP FREQ. These special, characteristic spaces will help your productions shine with originality.
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