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Explore professional sample libraries produced by other manufacturers, made for KONTAKT 6 or the free KONTAKT 6 PLAYER.

Drums & Perc.

  • Havoc

    Sample Logic

    HAVOC is the ultimate cinematic percussive suite of over 850 instruments and multis that will transform the tools of your trade. The HAVOC sample collection has been derived from hundreds of industrial machines, farm tools, everyday auto body parts and gears, all recorded in a massive multi-car garage. Each sample was recorded, processed, manipulated, morphed and then programmed creatively utilizing Sample Logic’s award-winning user interface controls. Geared for film, TV, game composers, and sound designers, HAVOC takes cinematic percussion to an entirely new level.

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  • Morphestra Generations

    Sample Logic

    Weighing in at over 16GBs, MORPHESTRA GENERATIONS is a collection of 1600+ morphed Instruments & Multis derived entirely from true orchestral recordings. Created in association with Kirk Hunter Studios, MORPHESTRA GENERATIONS brings the original MORPHESTRA™ into a whole new generation of sound, creating a modern day virtual instrument that transcends ANY morphed orchestral/effectual sample library ever created. Geared for film, TV, and game composers, MORPHESTRA GENERATIONS includes amazing ready-to-play psycho-acoustic sampled symphonic winds, strings, and percussive instruments and morphs them into a world where music and sound design collide. If you already own the original MORPHESTRA, you can easily upgrade to MORPHESTRA GENERATIONS, which also includes all the original instruments and Multis from MORPHESTRA 1.0.

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  • Arpology

    Sample Logic

    ARPOLOGY ™ is Sample Logic’s most groundbreaking achievement to date; the world’s first virtual instrument and MIDI effect dedicated entirely to arpeggiated/sequenced instruments. ARPOLOGY goes far beyond, breaking the box of the everyday arpeggiator. It employs an entirely new approach to step sequencing. The core of ARPOLOGY has been designed around Sample Logic’s newest invention, the powerful Step Animator™ – a step-sequencer and arpeggiator fused into a single engine for animating complex melodic and rhythmic patterns on a per-step basis, eliminating the limitations of traditional sequencing. LINK:

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  • Juggernaut: Cinematic Electronic Sound Design

    Impact Soundworks

    A monstrous instrument for any modern composer on the cutting edge! Juggernaut is a massive electronic sound design tool for drums, earth-shaking impacts, basses, FX and more, all created with modern hybrid scoring in mind. Over 600+ sound sources with two advanced engines and features like custom FX racks, a 32-channel drum mixer, dozens of preset kits and extensive tweaking options.

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  • Apocalypse Percussion Elements


    Apocalypse Percussion Elements is a mighty collection of aggressive scoring and concert drums, hand percussion and cymbals. This library is a powerhouse designed for efficient workflow and incredible sound, built for the most demanding professional production needs, with extraordinary detail, acoustic quality and flexibility. It features over 40 different ensemble and solo drums, with over 100 articulations. Each instrument was recorded from a wide/close stage position in a lush hall. This library also offers custom kit building and mapping, midi groove playback, FX rack, and more. You’ll find thunderous bass drums, snares and toms in all shapes and sizes, ethnic drums, stick clicks, wood clacks, hi-hats, stick and mallet rides, crashes, splashes, hybrid China crash, fx cymbals, gongs, finger cymbals and more.

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  • Digital Revolution

    Wave Alchemy

    Digital Revolution is a virtual drum machine for Kontakt player inspired by the classic digital drum machines of the 1980’s. 12 iconic drum machines, 15,000+ samples, custom interface along with a 16-track sequencer, real-time tone shaping and much more… Powered by 'Revolution Engine' technology, our Digital Revolution instrument places the most sought-after digital drum sounds from the 1980's at your fingertips.

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  • Grosso


    Grosso is the 4th instrument in Sonokinetic’s phrase-based orchestral line. Like its predecessors Vivace and Minimal it consists of generic phrases with a unique intuitive user interface. Grosso takes the next step in flexibility for this kind of instrument. All phrases in Grosso are in 12 8 time, and though aimed at driving music, it will suit many styles. Check the videos on our website!

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  • Calliope

    Sonic Cat

    CALLIOPE is Universal Sound Module virtual instrument. It contains many instruments for all musical genres like a hardware sound module, ROMpler or music workstation. There are over 1,000 preset sounds in these categories: Keyboard, Bass, Guitar, Lead, Brass, Wind, String, Pad, Synth, Percussion and Drum.

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