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Explore professional sample libraries produced by other manufacturers, made for KONTAKT 6 or the free KONTAKT 6 PLAYER.

Special & Effects

  • Tubes!


    Tubes that kept airplanes in the sky and ensured communication between the Allies during the Cold War are competent in peaceful affairs as well: Musical intoxication! Several unique pieces of gear up to a whole synthesizer built with tube circuits were recorded, edited and packed in a flexible software. The result: 135 soft to screaming multi-samplesets respectively 16,3GB data material (over 10.000 samples in total) combining experimental ideas with the nostalgic charm of tubes.

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  • Glass/Works


    Glass / Works by Soniccouture collects together 3 extremely unusual and rare musical instruments which use glass to generate sound : Le Cristal, The Glass Armonica, and Cloud Chamber Bowls. Sculptural, creepy and cinematic, these are some of the most beautiful and unusual sounds you are ever likely to hear.

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  • Circus Circuit Bending Library


    With the Circus Circuit Bending Library the user has the opportunity to dig deep into the strange matter of Circuit Bending. Unfamiliar sounds, abnormal spheres and nasty drums are waiting within 179 Multi-Samplesets (5,2GB / more than 18.000 Samples in total), all set up to enrich your musical ideas or turn them upside down completely... Create your Sound-ID!

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  • Plectrum

    Vital Arts Media

    187 original instruments, created by plucking, strumming, scraping, and tapping a variety of acoustic instruments and found materials. The recordings and ambience are purely acoustic, and the thousands of samples have been mapped to the keyboard and voiced in a way that allows the player to play naturally and expressively. The sounds are strikingly beautiful and rich with acoustic resonance.

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  • Convolution Space

    Best Service

    Welcome adventurers - to Convolution Space – an entirely new region of the sound universe containing unexplored and uncharted sonic landscapes! Based on a package of 8.5 Gb of lovingly handcrafted Stereo and 5.1 Surround textures. This system is packed into the Native Instruments Kontakt 2 Player, with 625 instruments built in to combine and explore these textures endlessly, through the wonders of Convolution Based Spectral Recombination!  Your sound source for multimedia, commercials, movie and Ambient music. The technique is advanced and hard to explain, yet simple to use. Select an instrument, play it on your keyboard and tweak the ModWheel - and the texture you’re playing suddenly starts transforming into something completely different! You have entered Convolution Space! Convolution Space was designd for all kind of atmospheres and is the first one using the innovative convolution technology.

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  • KREATE by Speedy J

    Fixed Noise

    KREATE, a sound-library produced by legendary techno, dance, minimal artist Speedy J aka Jochem Paap. This personal collection of Speedy J's sounds includes the dance and minimal electronic rhythms for which he is notorious as well as fluid pads that offer an atmospheric sensibility. The library is composed of drum kits, tones, loops, sequencer-based instruments, fx and konstrukt instruments.

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  • Synergy

    Sample Logic LLC

    Weighing in at over 18 GB,this epic collection of 1200+ instruments, loops and multis delivers diverse sounds in an intuitive interface. Synergy utilizes extended sample synthesis and effectual techniques to provide interactive instruments. With its flexible sound sculpting interface, all instruments can be customized to preference, making it perfect for any performance or production environment.

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  • Evolve

    Heavyocity Media, Inc.

    EVOLVE is a next generation production instrument featuring a collision of massive rhythmic percussion, intricate tempo-synced loops, huge stings, and evocative tonalities. Intuitive keymapping and custom control features supercharge creativity and streamline productivity for modern composers and sound designers. This unique collection of cutting edge sounds is sure to make a difference in your next track. Find your signature and EVOLVE!

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