Niji Drums

Classic Drum Modules

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1.1 (Updated 10 months ago)
June 08, 2016
Reaktor 6
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Create your custom modular groovebox! Niji Drum Blocks are eight drum voices, inspired by the sound of a classic 80s drum machine.

If you own a MASCHINE MK2 controller, use them with the MASCHINE Sequencer Block for hands on hardware control. Get the device here:


gentleclockdivider .
1 month ago
I don't understand why these don't get more Love . Sure ...808 's been done to death . BUt these sounds fantastic
Felipe dos Santos Fernandes
9 months ago
This is used on blocks 1.2 demo video right?! love it.
István Király
9 months ago
Aaron Harper
10 months ago
Just starting to use Reaktor. Can someone advise how I save these files or where I save them to so I can browse them in reaktor. Do I create a user folder or can I put it somewhere so its in the default NI folders of reaktor features?
Paul Weber
10 months ago
I can't seem to get it to work solidly. For some minutes I had a pattern going, then I tried another snapshot and couldn't get back to the first pattern? Also can't seem to be able to edit the grid, except for the CHH sound and even in this case it doesn't always work. MUST I run this with a Maschine controller??
Jobaa Abeyat
10 months ago
i can't active it ( Raktor 6 ) what can i do ?
Peter Dines
10 months ago
Awesome meat and potatoes drums, low CPU hit too.
Aaron Zimmermann
10 months ago
gloriously simple!!
Declan O'Regan
10 months ago
Love Love Love
Greg (Empty Vessel) Cole
10 months ago
oh my!
Klas Linder
10 months ago
david elson
10 months ago
GG.G SakabeaT
10 months ago
nice.....and gonzalo forget service center ul is much better,easyer..
Gonzalo Moncada
10 months ago
They sound great and look nice, but I think it should be an update via Service Center, no?
10 months ago
This is the language for sequencers.