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A simple Glitch/Stutter-like effect

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1.0 (Updated 4 years ago)
June 15, 2016
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This little fella creates a stutter like glitch effect.

The basic idea was to have the side effects and artifacts of common DAW pitch shifters, while keeping the normal pitch of the instrument. Chaining two pitch shifters working against each other gives you a similar effect, however most pitch shifters generate more latency.

Also knobs... I like to make knobs.

EZ controls:
- Glitch Amount (ye ol big one): From slow random stuttering to a bit-reduction sounding effect
- Dry and Wet: Now you can add the original to the processed one. Isn't that great?

So many presets:
- Yeah, there is like one.

Whats the future?
- Don't know, do you have any ideas what could make this thing better?



Jedinhopy Xelon
4 years ago
Can't you make a effect that continuously randomly misaligns transients that it detects and mix that with the original audio signal?