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Black Magic X

Small modular synth with "magic" antialiasing

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1.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
July 11, 2016
Reaktor 6


Black Magic X is a (semi-)modular Synth designed with the fantastic Modular-X framework by Herwig Krass.

This release focuses on a (probably stupid) idea: The oscillators (actually it is one + a bunch of waveshapers) are designed to have a cycle length that is an integer divider of the sample rate. The huge advantage: All aliasing that you get from the oscillator and/or the further processing will be harmonic. The drawback: You loose quite a bit of pitch resolution. Hence the name: We sacrifice something that we should value to get something else we want... typically it is a bad deal...

Disclaimer: Reaktor oscillators have pretty good anti-aliasing. The slightly weired approach of this ensemble is mainly useful, when you want to do a lot of waveshaping/FM/non-linear processing. For straight saw/square waves the usual approaches might be better.

Disclaimer II: The ensemble is rather rough around the edges. The modules are crowded, a lot of stuff is not labeled well and there are some leftovers in the structure, that go nowhere...

Random observation: Overall this approach can sound a bit like synths based on divide down circuits (which is essentially, what it does).

Reverb is stolen from West// by Icaro Ferre:

IMPORTANT: Your Reaktor sample rate should be identical to your real sample rate for this "deal" to work


3 years ago
I love magical music instruments.