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Sequential Routing Matrix

4x4 Sequential routing matrix with gate and 4 DAC outputs.

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1.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
September 23, 2016
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The Sequential Routing Matrix is a Block inspired by the WMD Sequential Switch Matrix
eurorack module and capable of routing 4 inputs to 4 outputs according to a 4x4 button / pin matrix.
The SRM can store and recall 16 different stages (routing presets) which can be modulated / sequenced using the A/B mod inputs.

This block also includes extra features such as a Gate output that sends a gate signal whenever a new stage is recalled, 4 DAC outputs which can generate unipolar signals based on the routing matrix pattern, randomize button (for the active stage), and adjustable fade time for the routings / DAC.

Have fun!

OBS: Sometimes the matrix buttons have to be double-clicked to be turned on/off. I still need to figure out a way to fix this but it shouldn't be a huge problem.

Developed by
Ícaro Ferre
Spektro Audio


Jared McFarland
1 year ago
When I have more than one instance in the ensemble the toggling a button / pin on one toggles it on all of them. Anyone else?
Nick Maxwell
3 years ago
Whoa, this is fantastic. Can't wait to try this out, thank you!
Philipp Straehl
3 years ago
great, thank you
Omar Misa
3 years ago
Feckin' AWESOME!!!
Ryan Dean
3 years ago
What! That's insane-thank you so much Icaro