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(WIP) 2D/3D drawing library idea

2D/3D multi display drawing framework

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Colugo _
0.1 (Updated 4 years ago)
September 24, 2016
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An idea for a multi display-based graphics library. See the included ensemble for examples.

Lots of stuff is missing and there's no documentation. Should hopefully make sense if you're familiar with graphics programming.


Leo .
2 years ago
very interesting! Sadly its pretty hard to use without a documentation...
Marcel Stark
3 years ago
Thank you, i love such pure, small "one benefit" tools without dozens of extras "features" and user-knobs, faders, values... taken from a horror-park of "design".... Just showing the pure idea (reduced to its max)! Very well! Thanx again!
4 years ago
Is your next project a 3D knob with mouse area?
Mark Wadewitz
4 years ago
lol! Nice! I began a VERY similar project two or three weeks ago ;-) I´m curious to see where your framework is going to.
Jonathan Canupp
4 years ago
Very lovely. I am always excited when I see new uploads from you - thank you for the many inspiring ensembles/blocks. (This makes me want to go back and look at Event Iter's ensembles to see how easily I could port some of his code. Lots of clever graphics programming/tricks)