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Song in a box

Showcase for Newscool MIDI-Sequencer

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1.1 (Updated 3 years ago)
December 06, 2016
Reaktor 6
Other Test Area


This is an endless song completely contained as a Reaktor ensemble.

Press the 'Prepare' button, let it play and listen.

Be warned, this requires quite some CPU.

It consists of the following ensembles:
- several instances of the Newscool MidiTrigger
- 'The Piano' (
- Titan
- Oki Computer
- GreenMatrix
- MemoryDrum
- Limelite
- Reverb from Gaugear
- Mixer + PingPong-delay

Except for Limelite, all instruments are played by the MidiTrigger. The sequencer of Limelite is reset whenever the ensemble is loaded, that's what the button is for.

v1.1: fixed some wires and names, added a snapshot.

The audio-demos are made using the recorder inside of Reaktor in standalone-mode. Modifications at the mixer and at Limelite were made during the recording.


Mary Jean-Philippe
3 years ago
Lots of possibilities! Good Stuff!***