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jiTTer magic stories 1.2

adjust to my maps

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1.2 (Updated 4 years ago)
December 21, 2016
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


granular transformer

Solve the snapshot and got a flomo ambient result: Take my own maps and change the range of speed (0-0,4 auTo) and flow speed (0.1-0.2 auTo), flow rnd (0-0.8 auTo), amp (0.4-0.8 auTo), grain length (0-660 auTo), sample range (0-127 auTo) in the original from 2007 by rachMiel with 8 voices and 20% cpu usage on Reaktor 5.

more maps:

some more snapshots and snaps new button
you can use looped maps with every root note

Sound example: dark ambient part II


Greg Killmaster
4 years ago
new version yielding great results!! thank you!
4 years ago
There is a new sound demo. Part one is on the jitter map. It was to long for one tune.
4 years ago
Greg, it's a granular transformer made by Rick Scott with a new set of samples and some more special snapshots to create smooth ambient tunes.
Greg Killmaster
4 years ago
I don't get how this works?
4 years ago
This is nice and very musical, playable in isolation.