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Snapshots for Leadster TE

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January 08, 2017
Reaktor 6
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20 Futuristic sounds for Leadster type E.

This is a great synth that uses a unique approach to achieve sounds never heard before.

My favorite features are the oscillators, which can have their tones modulated in a variety of creative ways. They are set to harmonic intervals which can also be modulated, resulting in interesting evolutions or sequenced patches.

The modulation sources are great as well, especially the step sequencer and the morph module, which can act like either an envelope or LFO, depending on its configuration.

These presets attempt to highlight some of these features, and hopefully they will spark some routing ideas of your own. They include a variety of pads and leads. I hope you like them!


3 years ago
Great!! It is a nice preset. It is a sound I can not think of. . Thank you.
3 years ago
Thanks for snowing sounds, Brett.
3 years ago
20 Snapshots took me a few hours and a couple beers on Saturday night, and a couple hours and a few coffees on Sunday morning. It's made for an enjoyable weekend! Now I'm off to shovel myself out of this snow we've had. Have fun with the new sounds, everyone!