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Reverb Multi Effect

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January 19, 2017
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Effect Multi-Effect


A reverb multi effect.

Route an LFO signal to an effect parameter by using a control with its matching color.

Based on Metaverb by Stephen Schmitt.

Includes pre-delay, saturation, a phaser, 4-pole highpass and lowpass ladder filters with resonance controls, an echo effect, independent VCAs for the wet and dry mix, and a trio of triangle-wave LFOs for modulation.

Also includes an awesome scope display by TR97.

**Version 2 includes programming improvements, new snapshots, and tempo sync for the phaser effect.

Programming improvements:
Adjusted the overall sound of the phaser.
Reduced the strength of modulators to reverb size and pre-delay.
Adjusted tempo synced parameters to now have more divisions.
Pre-delay max range reduced to half a second.


Roman Chevozerov
9 months ago
Great reverb! Thanks!
Malte Klima
2 years ago
Thank you Brett for this great reverb!
brice beasley
2 years ago
Awesome. Loving the modulation options with this. Thanks!
2 years ago
Now java magma lava comes up!
2 years ago
Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention, thanks to Paule Amca for the graphic elements!
2 years ago
Minimal colored maximal effected with a 3-D look.