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Ben Stiller's Personal Synthesizer

Polyphonic Awesome Synthesizer

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James Peck
??? (Updated 4 years ago)
February 13, 2017
Reaktor 6


So long story short I was Ben Stiller's personal assistant for about 2 and a half years last summer and one time I saw his laptop open on his table and he had reaktor open. I quickly threw in a USB stick and copied over the .ens file. I'm not sure if he finished it or not, and there wasn't much documentation either unfortunately, but I thought you guys might dig it.


James Vance
11 months ago
Dave Smith
1 year ago
Never go full Ben Stiller!
John Thompson
3 years ago
3 years ago
very educational synth having 6 scopes to see what goes on under the hood. quite versatile synth. great time waster...
Zach S
3 years ago
I'm so naive. I thought the description was earnest for about 30 seconds or so. Love the GUI!
4 years ago
Okay Fedor, set up your breeded snapshots here. I delete my post at once.
Fedor Mihailovich
4 years ago
Thanks, James, very powerful synth! +FYI, Paule: if you just use Colin's SnapBreeder to mutate, e.g. snaps 4 and 18 (original ones from factory) you would get many dozens of very interesting and different sounds in 3 seconds :)
4 years ago
Ben stiller, lol. Good one!
4 years ago
James, there are 80 ugly snapshots for Ben Stiller's persynth. Reached them over to Mr Stiller, please.
brice beasley
4 years ago
Shout out to USB sticks and summer. This is a focking cool synth. Thanks for sharing.