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Dijon Overdrive 1.1

Physically modelled diode clipper

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1.1 (Updated 1 month ago)
March 30, 2017
Reaktor 6
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Dijon Overdrive is a distortion effect, implemented by solving in real-time the differential equation of a single capacitor diode clipper circuit. In other words, it’s “circuit modelled”.

The circuit parameters are found as constants in the structure: R, C, Is, Vt
You SHOULDN’T change these, because the solver is quite likely to blow up (sounds nasty, believe me). If you decide to ignore my advice, please turn down the volume before you do it.

The process is 2x oversampled, but you should nevertheless set Reaktor to a high sample rate to (a) further reduce aliasing, (b) help the solver do its job more accurately.


- Dijon Overdrive now has front panel patching ports. This was kindly contrubuted by David X (Toybox) - thank you

- Initial release

This is based on the academic work of David Te-Mao Yeh. You can find a lot of his publications here:
Oversampling modules by NI


Damon Krause
1 month ago
All of your Blocks are fantastic. Thank you!
Kostas Karamitas
1 month ago
I'm sorry, but removing the oversampling has a detrimental effect on the solver. Ideally, the oversampling would be even larger, but doing it in Reaktor is a pain. I also apologize for the late reply, I don't frequent this page very much
gianclaudio hashem moniri
2 years ago
Dear Kostas, your overdrive unit is one of the best around here! Full of harmonics and the drive is never harsh : ) I just wanted to ask you if there's a chance not to have it oversampling (i'm just asking because my computer is an old one) GR8 JOB!
Alex Galan
3 years ago
very nice distortion
Kostas Karamitas
3 years ago
Forgot to acknowledge that the knobs are taken from Efflam Le Bivic's collections.
3 years ago
Ah, tasty Dijon mustard.