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StringMorph v 1.1 Updated

Guitar Synthesizer with Effects Processor

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Myron Fett
1.1 (Updated 4 years ago)
April 29, 2017
Reaktor 5 or lower


StringMorph by Myron Fett

This is a two oscillator synthesizer that uses real time pitch tracking to take pitched signal and convert it to MIDI notes for the synthesizer to read.

Effects Rack designed by:
Myron Fett

Special Thanks To:

FretKeys by Bertrand Antolin

FretKeys is a
Realtime Monophonic Guitar To MIDI Converter

Oscillator by Craig Tanis

In many ways this is a standard 2 osc subtractive synth.

The oscillator section is what makes it interesting.

A selectable input feeds Osc1, which in turn feeds Osc2 and the output of each oscillator feed the x-fader.

Each oscillator has a drawable window that serves as a waveform or as a transfer function to shape the input. The morph knob causes the output to shift between the input and the processed version.

Lots of parameters are modulatable.


jon sim
2 months ago
I can't get any sound
Thala Estra
4 years ago
1.1 works!
Myron Fett
4 years ago
It might be one of the presets that I had initially loaded into it. Thank you for the Feedback, I will be updating and uploading a new one this week
Greg Killmaster
4 years ago
I get no sound at all!
4 years ago
Same here as Thala wrote. What do I wrong? Also Win7 pro sp1.
Thala Estra
4 years ago
hey, i am getting instant audio overload (far too loud). i just need to load this ensemble. i dont even need to feed audio into it to overload. win7 64 sp1 reaktor 6.1.1 standalone 48kHz wasapi driver. opened it in reaktor5 and i can`t get any audio out of it. but as i closed reaktor 5 i got a loud click. so i guess it was overloaded to, but not showing in the output meters. but i am not familar to reaktor5. cheers