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Clock Generator

Multi Note Clock Generator

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niru jp
0.01 (Updated 1 year ago)
March 02, 2018
Reaktor 6
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It is a clock generator for BLOCKS.
Synchronize with REAKTOR or DAW, it outputs GATE of "n"th note (n is an arbitrary integer from 2 to 16).

It corresponds to independent 4 out. Also implemented an offsetable reset function.
For example, it is possible to use attacks of seventh note behind four beats, or to use like a polyrhythm with a reset function added.
Or you can play 15th note and 7th note at the same time in one measure.

The sample sound is modified using "Curve Trax.ens".
I recorded a sample sound source using 16th note, 8th note, 6th note, and sample sound source using 14th note, 7th note.