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Super Duper PK Delay

'Pitch Keeper' Delay - changing time doesnt change pitch!

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1.0 (Updated 2 years ago)
March 20, 2018
Reaktor 6
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With the Super Duper PK Delay, if you modulate the time parameter, there are no dramatic pitch shifting artefacts like you would experience with traditional analog or digital delays.

You get nothin' for nothin' though, so you might experience some other minimal artefacts :)

The Super Duper PK Delay is not a 'granular' FX, but it does have some similarities and I suppose is related to granular processing - like a cousin or something.

(Works great with slow random LFO modulating the time)

As usual, post any comments suggestions or bug reports here or in the Reaktor Forum.


Ariel Kenan
11 months ago
I tried taking out the process macro to use in an effect I'm working on that uses polyphonic signals, but it doesn't seem able to do polyphony. Why is that?
Catman Dude
11 months ago
2 years ago
I want to give you 3 stars, Colin
Philippe Loiseau
2 years ago
Thanks Colin.
2 years ago
Cool, thanks.