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Dirty Phaseshaping FmSynth with Resonator and Sequencer

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Flo Gudat
1.35 (Updated 2 years ago)
April 23, 2018
Reaktor 6


this is my first Synth. The goal was to create a Instrument with many possibilities (FM, PWM, PD, AM, Vsync(VPS), Ringmod and KarplusStrong) at low cpu usage.

Modulator and Carrier -> Ringmod -> Resonator

Resonator and Osc3 -> Filter -> SRR (Bitcrusher/Sampleratereducer) -> Combfilter (Chorus/Flanger)

Envelope and FmLfo for Filtercutoff. There is also a S+H whitch samples from Modulator and is triggerd by FmLfo

If there is "NO SOUND" turn the Samplerate knob down and up...

Changelog 1.35 reworked Oscs (offset for the modulator, HF blends between signals before and after the waveshapers) added some scopes, Ring/Rung works better now, lfo is keytrackable, removed combfilter from resonator and improved the exciter, added a fold overdrive made with the mirror and chop modules
there are some more lofi presets, mostly sequences.
Changelog 1.34 inspired by Rob Hordjiks Benjolin added a Rungler like thing (8x S+H take samples from carrier triggerd by Modulator to feed a 8step osc :)) to modulate carrierfreq and filtercutoff
Rungler and Modulator get compared and blended after ringmod (Ring/Rung)

Changelog 1.33 Modenv and Exciterenv got a resonant LP filter (Burstknob) cool thing
added modulationinputs to the shaper
added LP to Modulator to damp modulation
changed architecture of the Carrier to less knobs and cleaner shapes (sin-;tri-;puls- like blend)

Changelog 1.32 Added an extra AD Envelope to Pitch (Mod and Car) and Vsync (Car);
modulate Samplerateknob
Changelog 1.31: switch for routing of Filter section (LP->HP or HP->LP) and the same with SampleRateReducer section (SRR->Bit or Bit->SRR)

Changelog 1.3 : added a reverb like modul for more air

Changelog 1.21: proper gates for the sequencers and additional HP/BP with mix

Changelog 1.2: Lfo is keysynced and also modulates the Vsync of the Modulator :)

Changelog 1.1: new Ringmodsection and Shaper, faster arp, changed Filter to a mix of ladder and pro52, added some presets


Flo Gudat
2 years ago
Don't know what happen, but works now...
Arthur Kaprelian
2 years ago
Download link is not there. Error 404
Eduard Rojas
2 years ago
404 not found
Philippe Loiseau
2 years ago
404 error
Flo Gudat
2 years ago
thank you John, i appreciate that you took your time! :)
John Smith
2 years ago
I like what you've done here, it's a bit of a mess to understand but as I'm recuperating from a nasty cold I gave it some time. Boy oh Boy is this an interesting little monster! At first I scrolled through the presets and got the impression that it was a synth dedicated to horrible noises and farts, then I started twiddling some knobs and wow, it's a whole bunch of toys stuffed in a bag and given a good shake! It can in fact make pretty sounds and I'm very glad to have it.
Flo Gudat
3 years ago
If there is no sound turn the Samplerate knob down and up...
Greg Godwin
3 years ago
no sound out of this one.
3 years ago
Great work!
Flo Gudat
3 years ago
Hi Umer, the ensemble works fine. no problem on my side ;)
Umer Qureshi
3 years ago
As I tried to open the ensemble I get the following error, 'Reaktor 6 has encountered a major problem and has been terminated.' Don't know if it's from my side but please help.
David Coffin
3 years ago
Love it, thanks!
Flo Gudat
3 years ago
Moin Henning, thanks for the feedback. There is a levelfader in the ampsection... i'm still new to reaktor and don't know much about gui design. i'll focus on that.
3 years ago
I like this. Appreciate the range of possibilities without needing a crypto-currency server in Iceland. Few things: Have you considered adding a Master Volume? Levels on the snaps are all over the place. Also, I think you get more votes if you tidy up your GUI a little. Still, like it a lot. Very ambitious.