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multi-channel spectrum analyzer

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June 10, 2018
Reaktor 5 or lower
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a functional, 16input, multi-spectrum analyzer based on reaktor' s module.

freq range is 27-14k,
markings fairly accurate,
global level offset,
each slot selectable IN and on/off,
just choose reaktor 16in version and route from your DAW.

be well all,

ilias boufidis


ilias boufidis
2 years ago
Thank you for the kind words Phil. i'm really glad someone found some kind of merit to this. as far as i'm concerned, it just felt weird that your wallet shall be sodomized out of 60-70 bucks just to check smth out once in every mix. apart from basic functionality i didn't pay much attention to this, (an afternoon's thingy), if peepz feel it's worth it i'll make it better.... tbh i kind of like the way it works compared to similar paid products that i own :D
Phil Price
2 years ago
What a fabulous idea.. Will give this ago when mixing my next project.
ilias boufidis
2 years ago
it's meant for a 16in bus, you feed it sends, it's not meant to play any audio out, (you just see a bit of the frequencies of the 16ins at the same time)
2 years ago
Im not getting any audio Output when I use this on a channel