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Amor R6

The classic ensemble Amor, adapted for KK + Maschine

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September 12, 2018
Reaktor 6
Effect Multi-Effect


Now here's an update of the classic multi-fx ensemble Amor by Paul Swennenhuis. It includes some minor fixes, a few new snaps and NKS compatibility for Maschine and Komplete Kontrol users. Apart from that it's still the same great effect created by Paul so all credit goes to him. I built this from the .ins version so it doesn't include the example instruments as I guess most people would use this, as I do, as a realtime effect for sound mangling of audio inputs. Includes thumbnail for the KK/Maschine browser (goes in \Users\Shared\NI Resources\image\reaktor\amor). Probably needs R6 now due to the modifications.

Described as 'She's a 16-configuration effect box called Amor. Centered around two feedback delay lines, each configuration adds its own treatment like modulation, panning, vibrato etc. In addition you can morph between the A and B sets of parameters. Comes with input sensitivity control.'

Changes: I had to tidy up the graphics which were all mangled in R6 (and R5) and reorganised some panels plus changed automation IDs to work with Komplete Kontrol's requirements, added some more snaps and layout panels to allow easier switching between the submodules (there's also an 'All' panel with all modules stacked, in Komplete Kontrol the + switches between the top level control panel, which is mapped to the hardware knobs, and the 'All' one)


Lewi Glenis
2 years ago
Thanks. Looks great curious to use it in my virtual modular setup chain.
Philippe Loiseau
2 years ago
good work done
David Coffin
2 years ago
EX-cellent—Thank you Stephen!