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Killadrum V1.0.3

The Greatest Groove Box Eva!!!

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1.0.3 (Updated 1 month ago)
September 24, 2018
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sequencer


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Thank you.

!!!Updated on Feb 25th 2019!!!

I found and fixed one more bug in the hardware control script.

!!!Updated twice on Feb 24th 2019!!!

I fixed a bug with the hardware scripting in the modulation sequencers

I fixed a small bug in the hardware control midi scripting system

!!!End update info!!!

This is my reverse birthday present to the Reaktor community, I just turned 40, so go and play with my toys for me!!!

This is Killadrum, an 8 channel drum sequencer with built in drum synths and sampling options as well as the first ever "Drum Fill Generator" engine with 8 drum fill styles.

There are the following features.

This instrument is %100 totally hardware scripted with internal bankable controls, see the manual.

8 channel sequencer with pitch and pan layers.
Kick Synth
Snare Synth
Hi Hat Synth
Analog Synth
FM Synth
4 AD Envelopes
4 Complex LFO's
8 Modulation Sequencers
A Drum fill engine with 8 drum fill modes
Pattern arranger
Delay send
Reverb Send
Midi out
and more...

There is an included manual with detailed descriptions of the 8 drum fill generator modes and all other relevant information.



Stephan Bobinger
1 month ago
Awesome Drum Machine
1 month ago
Thanks Michael for your prompt answer.
michael o'hagan
1 month ago
Just some bug fixes in the midi scripting system for hardware control, nothing sonic. A few controls were routed to the wrong places.
1 month ago
Michael what are the changes in the versions 1.0.1 to 1.0.3?
John Smith
1 month ago
This is really delightful, it could be even better on a touchscreen! (which I don't have...)
Catman Dude
1 month ago
Michael, thank you, this is simply amazing work! And oh yeah, Happy Birthday! (I'm so glad Killadrum doesn't require external hardware.) This groovebox is a celebration in its own right. So I'll hoist one in your honor.
Matt Ralyea
5 months ago
thank you. already have had lots of fun with this!
Andrew Potterton
6 months ago
Really great ensemble. Thanks Michael.
Henry Dent
6 months ago
6 months ago
Sounds great. Thanks.
Michael Morris
6 months ago
This is excellent, I love the fact it is both a drum synth and drum sampler sequencer all rolled into one. Very useful thank you Michael. I would donate but I quit Paypal a few months ago re some arguments about data privacy. If there is another way, please let me know. Would love to send you 5 quid.
6 months ago
Thanks for this info, Michael.
michael o'hagan
6 months ago
Paule, I don't remember this. I think I just inserted a timer so that it won't trigger any sounds when first opened.
6 months ago
Do you share your knowledge with us or is it your secret? You told on betatest you found a way to eliminate the mad sound on starting a seq.
Lewi Glenis
6 months ago
Great job man! Thanks a lot. :o)
marco vicari
6 months ago
looks amazing! Happy B Day Michael! And thank you!
Vagelis M
6 months ago
Happy bday and thanks for your gift!
Philippe Loiseau
6 months ago
I join my voice to Paule's :-)
Christian Huygen
6 months ago
Did I really get the second download of this, after Paule? What an honor, what a thrill. Happy birthday Michael. Thanks!
6 months ago
Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Michael. Happy birthday to youuuuu!