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Illusions of Sound 2.6

under sway of dreams

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2.6 (Updated 3 months ago)
October 25, 2018
Reaktor 6



Three sample oscillators mod by Aural Exciter sounds to filter, flanger or direct. Rounded by flanger, delay and reverb.

Credits to Guenter Hager, Dietrich Pank, Jörg Holzamer, Cris List, Kristian Thom, Colin Brown, Don Philipps, Stephan Becker, Jochen Frehse, Dieter Zobel, Martijn Zwartjes, Martin Jann, Chet Singer, Thala Estra, Rick Scott, Gerald Clemens Hauzenberger, Vedran Vuk, Uwe G. Hoenig

The honor deserve to HG Fortune for his beautiful ideas.
Passed away 2014 in autumn.

More sample maps

Using Lazy button 'All' extremly Reaktor crashed eventually.

Hints are shown with circled 'i' in upper right corner of Reaktor's tool bar.

Thank you!

- fluid LFO displays
- smooth gates to avoid distortion on attacks (thanks Marko)
- MIDI Remote is on board, please use the lazy buttons, it's a tool only. No snaps saved
- exchange logical errors on crossfades, wave select, sample EG's and booster
- capitals for lazy buttons
- gui design in MIDI Remote


3 months ago
Marko, on every 310 snapshots? I drive iOs with MIDI Remote and got no overdrives.
Marko Ahokangas
3 months ago
very nice sounds. Some reason I get distortion on attack every sound I tried. Sounds like something is overdriven. Any ideas?
3 months ago
version 2.5 last changes done
Greg Killmaster
3 months ago
Thanks for the workflow "schematic"!
Catman Dude
4 months ago
Nice one, Paule! Lovely.
4 months ago
version 1.2 snapshots are untweaked - will follow
Jeroen Arends
4 months ago
Beautiful sounds. But it is quite complex. So lots to explore :)
Greg Killmaster
4 months ago
Super super great sound scapes! Sorry to use lame superlatives...