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Blocks: Sequencer of Sequencers

One Block to Sequence Many Blocks

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Ken Kovach
1.0 (Updated 12 months ago)
November 22, 2018
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sequencer


A set of blocks that allow for sequencing various sequencer blocks, including the Bento and Kodiak sequencers
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Stanley Swiniarski
8 months ago
FYI I have it working - I'm using GigPerformer, so I learned the RESET parameter and connected it to a button on my rackspace, learned the pedal as the controller, it's all working great for me.
Stanley Swiniarski
8 months ago
Hi Ken, this is really helpful. I was looking for a way to sequence a diatonic synth harmony part live where I could trigger each step from the keyboard gate, and this lets me do it pretty easily with 2 sequencers in the chain! But, I'm stuck on the reset, because I need to reset all the sequencers with a CC (sustain) at the start of each patch. I cracked 2 seqs open to see if I could enable that, but I don't really know how to do it. If it's an easy fix and you could tell me where to look, I'd be grateful!
Giorgio Inzaghi
9 months ago
Ken Kovach
10 months ago
Thank you for the comments, everyone! Jose, I disabled that intentionally, please check out the note in the form in the link at left.
Jose Roman
10 months ago
Awesome Block, but Utility Clock (play) to (reset) doesn't work for me.
Jonatan Rosengren Drake
12 months ago
Love this kind of stuff!
Philippe Loiseau
12 months ago
well this can make life easier sometimes it seems.
Demetriades Panos
12 months ago