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PitchReader v1.6

Realtime Polyphonic Pitch to MIDI Converter

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1.6 (Updated 6 months ago)
December 05, 2018
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Instrument Other


This is a 4-octave realtime polyphonic pitch to MIDI / audio to MIDI converter.

Some of the known issues are:
- cannot detect some intervals (example : minor 2nd)
- sometimes doesn't work properly if there's too much harmonics / overtones (example : vocals or a too bright guitar)

Other than those, it's fun to play with, so enjoy !

ver 1.41 :
- note rejector removed (maybe temporarily)
- less glitches but higher latency

ver 1.45 :
- major improvements on trigger detection
- less prone to harmonics
- more stable and clean output

ver 1.46 :
- now it can detect more than 3 notes correctly
- velocity support added

ver 1.47 :
- modified the trigger so its behavior is realistically closer to plucked string than pressed keys

ver 1.48 :
- slightly faster detection speed
- 'Reset' button removed, the functionality is now integrated into 'Base' knob
- added 'Pluck' button that switches between 'plucked string' and 'pressed key' trigger type

ver 1.51 :
- major changes on filter section
- faster detection speed and cleaner output

ver 1.52 :
- slightly faster detection speed

ver 1.53 :
- quick fix for reducing false triggers using hold function, but this has side effects that 'Pluck' mode doesn't work properly (notes will be cut off randomly), and sometimes there will be missing notes

ver 1.56 :
- stuck / hang notes bug fixed
- detection range is 4 octave now
- another major changes on filter section and a new approach for defeating harmonics
- faster detection speed
- 'Pluck' mode is working again

ver 1.57 :
- few tweaks on the harmonic defeater

ver 1.58 :
- new 'trigger by harmonics' system that enhances the detection speed

ver 1.6 :
- the pitch detector BP filter section is reverted to ver 1.4 configuration, which is more responsive and stable
- various tweaks on several parts


Ariel Kenan
7 months ago