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Karplus Stronger

Brings out hidden aspects of Michael Hetrick's Karplus block

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1.4 (Updated 1 year ago)
December 23, 2018
Reaktor 6


Here’s a tweak of a block by Michael Hetrick, his Karplus block. This version is very much still Hetrick’s block.
I have brought out a few of the hidden aspects of the structure and given the user control over them.
I’ll add a forum post that will detail much more about this new version of the block, which I call Karplus Stronger.
I’ll add a link to that post in a comment.

The audio file included here comes from some MIDI data of mine from a while back, played through some randomly selected snaps from the ensemble included here. No FX were used in my DAW, Logic Pro X, apart from a little reverb. So everything, including the delayed sound of some of the patches, the noise patch that ends the excerpt, is KarplusStronger. Some may say the instrument has timbral limitations. Maybe so. In spite of these, I think you may be surprised at the variety of sounds you can pull from it.

For sound-checking the embedded snaps, or your own, I would recommend a MIDI file, more or less monophonic, one that tests out all the registers and velocities, and is fairly sane and continuous through its own registral gamut.

I hope you enjoy playing with it and find it useful for your own music!


Rudy Morgana
1 year ago
The KS is probably my fave module. And sincerely I was missing Linear and TZ FM!. So all the additions to the module are more than welcome. Please keep expanding it if you feel inspired to do so. Thanks!!
Catman Dude
1 year ago
Here's a link, I hope, to my post in the Forum: