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ARITA TS (MIDI effect)

A sort-of-Atari-ST-timing prototype

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1.0 (Updated 2 years ago)
February 08, 2019
Reaktor 6
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This is a MIDI effect plugin that sort of, but definitely not completely, simulates the serial MIDI behaviour of (old) MIDI interfaces. The idea was born in a thread on Gearslutz and I offered, stupidly, to try and build an 8 voice prototype.
Here it is.
It is as buggy as I remember my old 1040 ST to be, probably buggier.
Don’t play more than 8 notes, you will need the PANIC button to recover from that (and probably switch the Reaktor plugin off and on to cut off any stuck notes in the VSTi you’re sending this to.
If you see any red lights (you will see many), press RESET to make them all green. You sometimes need to do that twice or even three times.
The ensemble is documented in the info section of each element, so you can mouse over to see what buttons do.

Hope you guys have (some sort of) fun with it!

If there ever will be a next version I’ll try to:
- implement MIDI jitter
- make a multi-channel version (yeah, right :) ).

The GS thread:


lorenzo franchi
1 year ago
Thanks man !!!!
2 years ago
this works great so far in Renoise. thanks mate, keep working on this please!