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KNBSTRB8 Collection

Collection of over 100 user made Blocks.

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1.7 (Updated 6 months ago)
February 18, 2019
Reaktor 6
Blocks Blocks


Version 1.7

FX - DLY FBK and FX - DLY FBK S: Tempo sync and a HP / LP filter for DLY FBK.
MIX - PAN M becomes MIX - MSFW: Multitool for panning, stereo field, balance, mono sum, stereo widening, L/R to M/S (and vice versa).
MIX - PAN S becomes AMP - GAIN LRMS: Gain staging and amplifier (+12 dB) for L/R and M/S signals. Built in M/S encoder / decoder.
All MIX, FX and stereo OSC blocks have M/S out ports.
All FLT blocks have a larger frequency range at the cutoff knob (except comb and notch filters): 0.08 Hz - 25 kHz.
All LFO blocks (except LFO RNG and LFO EXP) have phase driver (PD) out ports as input for the LFO toolkit (LFO TK. See new in 1.7).
INT - CLK Sync: Updated the UI. Added gate length knob and PD out ports for the LFO TK. Velocity signal input and random velocity at gate option.
INT - MIDI M8: Added gate length knob and PD out ports for the LFO TK.
INT - P&G: Added random velocity option.
MOD - VCA Squad: Added 4 channel mixer with separate output.
MIX - Master Out: Gain has amplification up to + 12 dB.
MOD - AD Squad: Sum out port (clipped)
MOD - VCTRL 4: Sum out port (clipped)
MIX - XF S: Added independent gate operated (switch gate) XF with separate output.
FLT - TSK DUO: Crossfader routing for FLT 1 and FLT 2.

LFO toolkit (LFO TK): This toolkit enables you to patch the LFO you need by breaking the frequency and phase calculation of a LFO apart from the wave type selection and further processing. The frequency and phase calculation part of a LFO is driven by a phase driver (PD in the LFO TK). The PD signal is a bipolar positive ramp at half the range [-0.5,0.5]. The wave selection and processing blocks in the LFO TK expect such a ramp (PD) signal to produce the wave as indicated by the knob. However, other signal types can be converted to a PD signal for some experimentation. The LFO toolkit contains 9 PD blocks (3 free running, 3 tempo synced and 3 tempo + host transport synced), 6 wave selection / processing blocks (includes stereo and quadrature LFO), a XY mixer and a PD converter.
MIX - DENV: Turns the incoming envelope in a ducking envelope that attenuates a stereo signal.
OSC - SMP Scratch: The incoming signal controls the play head of the sampler. Samples can be dropped directly in the letterbox.
MOD - DRIFT: Slow random walk on audio rate modulation signal. Small random steps are set in relation to the previous position (sample). Hovers around 0 in the range of 1 and -1. Consider this a mega slow erratic LFO. Can be reset with a gate to 0.
AMP - AG: Stereo audio gate with side chain input. Stereo envelope follower that gates another signal. Can be used as an expander as well.
MOD - 8 RAMP: 8 stage tempo synced successive ramps. Triggered by a incoming gate. Looping of the 8 ramp sequence can be done by selecting a gate that is 8x slower the selected tempo on the block.
FX - COMP: Stereo compressor.
FX - FSH: Stereo frequency shifter.
FX - FLNG: Stereo flanger and barberpole stereo flanger with external LFO input.
FX - PHSR: Stereo phaser and barberpole stereo phaser with external LFO input.
FLT - TSK DUO S: Stereo version of the TSK DUO filter. L / R cutoff frequency offset.
FLT - LADDER S: Stereo ladder LP (1-8) and ladder HP (1-8) filter. Routing as TSK DUO S.
FLT - Comb S: Stereo comb filter.
FLT - BP NL S: Stereo version of the BP NL filter. L / R cutoff frequency offset.
FLT - LP NL S: Stereo version of the LP NL filter. L / R cutoff frequency offset.
FLT BW DUO S: BW LP (2,3,4) and BW HP (2,3,4) in the setup of LADDER S. For removal of unwanted frequencies in the mixing process.

Version 1.65

OSC - PLS SAW DUO: Added a direct out for Osc. 1 and one for the mono sum of Osc. 2L and Osc. 2R. Added direct outs for Osc. 2L and Osc. 2R as well.

Version 1.6

SEQ - Turing P&G: 16 bit analog shift register Turing machine (was 8 bit). Output select knobs for pitch and gate.
MOD - LFO RNG: 16 bit analog shift register Turing machine (was 8 bit). Gate output select knob.
FLT - TSK 2 NL: Knob instead of button for filter selection.

MOD - VCTRL4: Four adjustable Vactrols with separate gate and audio input.
FLT - BS 8: Stereo band shelf filter.
FLT - LS 8: Stereo low shelf filter.
FLT - HS 8: Stereo high shelf filter.
SEQ - CRCLJRK: Two Euclidian rotators (individual gate inputs) and a Boolean comparison gate between those two rotators' output. Three gates out.
FX - OD: Stereo overdrive.
FLT - TSK 2 NL S: Stereo TSK filter with L/R cutoff frequency offset.
FLT - Curtish S: Stereo Pro52 filter with L/R cutoff frequency offset.
FX - SR BR: Sample rate and Bit depth crusher.
FX - CHORUS: Stereo Chorus

Version 1.5

OSC - PLS SAW DUO: Changed the oscillator mapping. Oscillator 1 is tuned to the incoming pitch (only Coarse). Ocillator 2 consists out of two oscillators that can be unison detuned around the first one (only Fine).
OSC - 4WAV: Added a direct out for main oscillator minus sub-oscillator. This enables external mixing of main and sub oscillator.
INT - CLK Sync: Added direct outs for Base Gate.
SEQ - PQ: Added 8 S&H modules (S&H 8) on the PQ output.
SEQ - 8 STP: Added 8 S&H modules (S&H 8) on the sequencer output. Direction buttons replaced for Mod knob. Unipolar direct out for the sequencer position.
PRO - S&H: Added 8 S&H modules (S&H 8) on the main S&H output.
PRO - RNG: Added 8 S&H modules (S&H 8) on the main RNG output.
SEQ - MOD Squad: Added 8 S&H modules (S&H 8) on the sequencer output. Sequencer buttons replaced for Mod knobs. Unipolar direct out for the sequencer position.
INT - P&G: Added 8 gate inputs that are only sent to their outputs when a MIDI gate is received. A MIDI gated clock gate (MGC).
SEQ - BOOL Gate: 4x8 Boolean gate matrix that is controlled with Mod knobs.
SEQ - CLK Squad: Sequencer buttons and clock divider knobs replaced with Mod knobs.
MOD - SW Gate: Gated switch now changes its state only at gate on instead of gate on and gate off.
SEQ - Anti Gate: Buttons that add or subtract gates are replaced with Mod knobs that control a two stage Boolean test. The first test is on gate pair 1&2 and 3&4. The second test is on the results of of test 1.
PRO - COMP CG: Buttons replaced for Mod knobs. Three conditional gate outputs. 8 additional gate inputs that are Boolean tested with the Gate 3 output.
MOD - LFO DUO: Added random LFO. Wave selection Mod knobs.
MOD - LFO Sync: Changed into a duo LFO. Wave selection buttons replaced with Mod knobs.
MOD - LFO ST: Changed into a stereo LFO. Added wave folder from MOD - FLD.
MOD - LFO PU: Changed into a duo LFO. Added internal (by internal LFO) and external (by gate input) Switch gate operated crossfader.
MOD - LFO RNG: The Sync random LFO is replaced with a 8-bit analog shift register Turing machine. This is a mod on the Euro Reakt Turing Machine. The difference with the Euro Reakt version is that this mod has a controllable feedback loop (Steps) with a Mod knob and the bit outputs are synced with the incoming gate. The block contains an independent, free running random LFO as well.
MOD - LFO MW: Added random LFO. Wave selection Mod knob. Internal FM of (LFMO) free running LFO with direct out.
MOD - LFO EXP: Changed into a duo LFO.
PRO - CON REC: Added 8 inputs and 8 outputs.
MOD - KNB M: Added 8 inputs and 8 outputs.
MIX - CV Select: 2x8 inputs that are selected with 2 Mod knobs to 2 outputs.
MIX - CV MIX: Added mixer that mixes all 8 inputs to 1 output.
MOD - XY: This block is replaced with: MOD - XYZ. Mixes 8 inputs with three controls (XYZ). Three independent mixers with own outputs. The first is controlled with the knobs, the second with the XYZ inputs and the third with the incoming XYZ gate controlled switches (SW Gate).
MIX - XY S: Three independent XY Stereo mixers like XYZ, minus the Z.
MOD - KNB S: Added 4 stereo inputs and 4 stereo outputs.
MOD - SW S: Added 4 stereo inputs and 4 stereo outputs.
PRO - T&O: Added 8 inputs and 8 outputs.
AUX - Signal Meter: Added Slew knob.
FLT - DCF AAF: Added filter cutoff knobs.

INT - MIDI M8: This is a one block solution for INT - P&G, INT - CLK Sync, SEQ - RNG Gate, PRO - RNG and SEQ - CLK Squad (minus its sequencer).
FLT - TSK DUO: Duo independent FLT - TSK NL that can be set up in serial, parallel, or stereo. Crossfader for the main output and a Flip pan for the two filters direct outs.
OSC - FM DUO: Oscillator with two internal FM operators and a 4 source noise generator that can used in the FM chain as well. All of them with direct outs.
SEQ - Turing P&G: A combination of a Turing machine and SEQ - PQ. The Turing machine generates 8 gate patterns, synced with the incoming gate and a unipolar RNG stream. This RNG stream is quantized by the PQ and S&H by the 8 gates generated by the Turing machine. The result are 8 pitch streams that are in sync with the 8 gate streams generated by the Turing machine. The integrated PQ and the XY mixer can operate independent from the Turing machine as the PQ has four external inputs.
MIX - Master Out: 4 Channel stereo mixer with integrated Butterworth HP and LP filters.

Version 1.4

All LFO's except INT - LFO Sync: The SYNC knob can now be A/B modulated.
All Oscillators: The FINE knob can now be A/B modulated.
SEQ - PQ: Font colors for the note selectors. White for on and red for off.
MOD - VCA Squad: Knobs for the VCA's.

SEQ - 8 STP: 8 step sequencer. Each step has A/B modulation. The sequencer can be controlled manually as well. The step sequencer and the manual sequencer have their own direct outs.
SEQ - CLK Squad: 4 output clock divider up to 128 divisions of the incoming gate per channel. An integrated 4 step sequencer has its own clock divider to mix the four outputs to a Mix output.
MOD - AD Squad: 4 AD envelope generators in one block. All four with A/B modulation.
MOD - LFO DUO: Two multi wave LFO's (MOD - LFO MW) in one block with integrated cross fader and attenuverter.
OSC - PLS SAW DUO: Two pulse to saw oscillators that can be unison detuned with one knob (FINE). The sync between the master (Pulse Oscillator 1) and the slave oscillators can be controlled with the Sync knob. There is a (mono) mix output and each oscillator has its own direct out (for a stereo setup).

Version 1.3

SEQ - RNG Gate. Probability gates synced with incoming gate. Additional Boolean gates.
MOD - VCA Squad. Quad VCA with mix output.
SEQ - PQ. This is a mod on the factory's Digilog QUANT pitch quantizer block. The block has 4 inputs that are XY mixed. The pitch output is unipolar instead of bipolar for QUANT.
FX - DLY FBK S. Stereo feedback delay.
SEQ - MOD Squad. 4 step sequencer, mixer and modulator. 4 inputs are mixed in sequence. Each input (step) has its own A/B modulate-able knob.

Version 1.2

AMP - VCA Clean and AMP - VCA SAT. The shadow of the A/B modulation of the GAIN knob caused issues when pressing the buttons (INT/EXT and LIN/EXP) right below the button. This issue has been resolved by Philippe Loiseau and taken care of in this update.

MOD - SW Gate. Conditional gate activated cross fader with slew.
MOD - CV Sel. Selects 1 out of 4 CV inputs per channel (A and B). Selectable attenuverter per channel (A/B).
FLT - Curtish. This is the NI Pro-52 filter in a Block wrapper.
MOD - FLD. Wavefolders from OSC - FLD with added bias control.
FX - DLY FBK. Mono feedback delay.
MOD - AM OP. 3 AM modes, 2 AM inputs and multiple cross modulations possible. AM OP can be used as VCA / XF and offset as well in different patching approaches.
SEQ - BOOL Gate - 2 pairs of gate input are sent to Boolean tests and the result is output to a direct gate and a second test between the results of the Boolean test of each gate pair. All in all, 4 gate inputs deliver 21 gate outputs.
SEQ - Anti Gate. A gate combiner of 4 gates (plus manual gate). Each of the 4 incoming gate can be turned negative before the four gates plus manual gate are summed (and clipped) together to one gate output. Boolean outputs of the 4 incoming gates are available as well.

Version 1.1

INT - P&G. Replaced Pitch and Gate MIDI in macros with the MIDI macros found in the factory's Util Note In to resolve an issue that not all outgoing gates were picked up by other blocks like MOD - ADSR or the factory's West Coast LPG. In addition, a MIDI channel selector is added to the Block.

OSC - FM OP. This is a simple sine oscillator that has an FM input and three FM modes. This block is designed to have a simple FM source that can easily be placed in serial to create more sophisticated FM structures. Two of these oscillators have been used in the 3 OSC and 1 VCA patch as FM input for the main oscillator and the filter. The oscillator can be used as a standalone sine as well.

Version 1.0

Envelope: 4
ADSR, AHD, Tempo Synced AHD, Envelope Follower
Filters: 15
Linear and Non-Linear filters from the ZDF filter core library in a block wrapper.
LFO: 6
Tempo and transport synced LFO, Multi wave LFO, Random number LFO etc.
Mixing: 8
Mixing tools like Crossfader, Adjustable toggle switch, Stereo XY mixer, Stereo image and Pan. 2 VCA's
Modulation: 9
Shaper, Saturator, Comparator, S&H, CV mixer etc.
Oscillator: 2
A Multiwave oscillator with synced Sub oscillator and a Fold oscillator.
Noise: 2
A stereo SC Dust II generator and a XY controllable 4 Noise source.
Utilities: 5
Pitch & Gate, Tempo and Transport synced clock with ramp output. DC and Anti Alias filter, Converter / Rectifier and a Signal meter.

Patches that are made with KNBSTRB8 Blocks can be found under the following entry:

Credit Roll:
Everyone who dares to take the plunge into the Reaktor realm and post their creations in the Library.
Special thanks to:
Michael Hetrick - For the waveshape (FLD) algorithms. For the Flip Pan concept. For the LFSR, SC Dust II and SC Gray Noise generators. For the analog shift register parts from Euro Reakt's Turing Machine. For the vactrols from the Euro Reakt LPG. For the cubic interpolation parts of the sampler output.
Mitch Burton - For the ratio calculation parts in Clock DeLuxe that are used in CLK Sync and MIDI M8.
Efflam le Bivic - For the GUI kits and background kits. So impressive, that I was scared to use them at first.
Salamander Anagram - For the Euclidian sequencer calculation parts.
Catman Dude - For pointing out the issue with INT - P&G (at the KNBSTRB8 Paches entry).
Philippe Loiseau - For resolving the click issues with the VCA Clean and VCA SAT Blocks.


Winfried Sitte
1 month ago
This pack contains so many awesome and useful teasures. Nothing else like it. Thank you!
Niels Speijer
7 months ago
David, Good idea. Count me in.
David X
7 months ago
Hi Niels, I'm thinking about putting together a free 'Community Pack' of blocks for Reaktor 6.3 Patch & Play, would you be interested in adding some of your blocks to the pack? See this thread here:
Niels Speijer
9 months ago
Philippe, The 1.65 update contains OSC - PLS SAW DUO with additional direct outs. This enables to use the oscillator as published in update 1.5 as well as using it as it was in update 1.4. The Sync function remains to the master oscillator (Osc 1.). This is the difference with the version published in update 1.4. The 1.4 update PLS SAW DUO contained 2 oscillators instead of 3.
Marcel Perez
9 months ago
can't wait to try thissss
Philippe Loiseau
9 months ago
I missed the PLS SAW DUO of previous version. Very powerful !
Philippe Loiseau
9 months ago
Thanks for the update Niels.
Niels Speijer
1 year ago
Dear all, Thank you for your responses and input on this post. With the 1.5 release this download contains 75 blocks that give enough flexibility to experiment with the basic functions available within modular synthesis. Going forward, I would like to give attention to more experimental blocks (both audio and sequencing) and adding more FX blocks to the collection.
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
well, again, thanks
Uwe Baganz
1 year ago
1 year ago
Great job! Thanks for it!
Diego Callegari
1 year ago
Thanks a lot
Catman Dude
1 year ago
FINE A/B Mods? I can't wait!
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
Seing your update, funny that I also made the FINE A/B mods, but forgot it in some folder .... with also a more readable SEQ-PQ notes. Too many good things.
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
Thanx Niels, looking at it now !
Niels Speijer
1 year ago
Philippe, Many thanks for the deep research. Both VCA's are updated in the 1.2 update with the shorter shadows that do not overlap.
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
Hi Niels, great again ! Concerning the Int/Exp buttons click problems we talk about in your Patches page, it seems to be the Mod A/B Shadow height which is too big. Set it height to 75 (against 88) and it seems to be OK for me now.
Janusz Jarek
1 year ago
Thank you
Niels Speijer
1 year ago
This collection and other User Blocks in the Reaktor User Library are .ism files that only work on the full version of Reaktor 6. Reaktor player only works with .ens files.
Janusz Jarek
1 year ago
files in the reactor have an extension ens and your ism
Janusz Jarek
1 year ago
Does it work only with the full version has pleyer 6.22
Niels Speijer
1 year ago
Janusz, Indeed the download is not installed via the Native Instruments portal. The download is a zipped file of the Blocks, sorted in directory's. Installation is done as follows: 1. Find the directory where the other Reaktor Blocks are installed on your computer. 2. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file to that directory. 3. Next time you start using Reaktor Blocks, the KNBSTRB8 folder should be along with the folders of the blocks you got with Reaktor.
Janusz Jarek
1 year ago
Welcome how to install KNBSTRB8 Collection
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
thanks for updating !
Catman Dude
1 year ago
Thank you, Niels!
Demetriades Panos
1 year ago
Conor McArdle
1 year ago
cant wait to try these out .
Jonathan Tremblay
1 year ago
1 year ago
Thanks Niels.
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
Wow ! Lots of very good stuff here. Thanks !