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Noise percussion thing

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Flo Gudat
1.1 (Updated 2 years ago)
May 02, 2019
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This is Noise Noise,
i thought about a noise section for my swachsynth and this came out. it's white noise with a samplerate reducer a resonant bp filter.

sounds natural and it's light on cpu...

-new filter
-added a delay


Alex Kri
5 months ago
didn't get it fully, when I use notes from sequencer it uses just root note and other plays randomly
benjamin kilchhofer
2 years ago
love this! thanks very much.
rick scott
2 years ago
Fun! And it gets my vote for Structure Layout Labyrinth of the Year award.
2 years ago
love it!
Flo Gudat
2 years ago
thanks for the feedback Felix. i'll work on it :D
Felix Petrescu
2 years ago
quite interesting but messy. please clean it - and maybe develop it further...:) thanks. it sounds good!