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River Snaker

Buffer Synth

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1.4 (Updated 1 year ago)
May 04, 2019
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sampler


Intended for live performance. River Snaker records from an input to 4 playback buffers which can be played back via a midi keyboard and pitched (sped up) across the keyboard with the original speed mapped at C3. I'll hopefully update the patch soon to include an option to change the base key. The buffers can play back once or can loop continuously.

I used David Forrester's 4 Voice Split block to separate the incoming voices from the keyboard and assign them to the buffers for playback.

UPDATE v1.2: I've extended David Forrester's Voice Split to include 8 voices and added an additional 4 buffers so the patch is now 8 voice polyphonic. I added an ADSR envelope that you can toggle on & off. I added the option to select a different base pitch (default is still C3). I fixed a small issue with the start & end trimmers. And I've also included Colugo _'s Pickle patch as an option for pitch mapping without effecting playback speed.

UPDATE v1.3: I removed Voice Split and packaged the synth as an instrument to reduce the number of buffers used. I've also added a Tune/Detune slider so you can fine tune the instrument. I've also come up with added the ability to use snapshots to store and retrieve audio recorded to the buffer. Currently you have to load the snapshot, then press the 'Snap' button. I'm hoping to make the snapshots work better in the next iteration.

UPDATE v1.4: Fixed some bugs, added a reverse button, and a dePop button to reduce the click at the end and beginning of the buffer by adding a 120 sample fade. Still working on making the snapshots recall without the additional click