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Nebula - Clouds Synthesizer

Impluse Resonator Synthesizer

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1.0 (Updated 2 years ago)
June 24, 2019
Reaktor 6


If you want you can donate everything you want on my PayPal Link: PayPal.Me/PLoZito

Nebula 1.0 is here
You need Reaktor 6.3 ver. to run this ensemble!!!
There are some bugs to fix and I'm working on them!

Nebula is an hybrid synthesizer.
Sound is generated by two pulse at low frequency range or by a noise and impulse generator then is processed by six individual resonators that let you play rich texure, pads, ambiences and abstract stuff, tonal or atonal.

Read the manual for better understandings!


kevin halloran
1 year ago
Sounds great first try, looking forward to delving in!
Pasquale Lo Zito
2 years ago
Why you thank NI?? ahahahahahah never mind
Sven Peters
2 years ago
frunk eiblek
2 years ago
thank you NI, your awesome.
2 years ago
Thanks NI
Viktor Apostolov
2 years ago
Thank you NI
Ted Myerson
2 years ago
Nice Feeling to this THank you!!
Shaun Chen
2 years ago
Donghyun Kim
2 years ago
Claudio Ferreira
2 years ago
Great! Thanks
Pasquale Lo Zito
2 years ago
Felix thank you for the advice, I fixed the midi input.. interface became big when i start making this synth ahahah... I know but it's not too big :)
Philippe Loiseau
2 years ago
Nice ! Thank you !
Felix Petrescu
2 years ago
thanks Pasquale! great synth. 2 problems: - the midi input is set on computer keyboard not on "ALL" ports - the interface is too big here :) but a fantastic synth!:)