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Firework Generator

Happy 4th of July

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1.0 (Updated 10 months ago)
July 05, 2019
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A semi-complex blocks patch based on the concept of trying to generate the sound a firework makes from the initial blast, sweep into the sky, and final explosion. This is not meant to be sonically complex, rather a fun experiment to achieve the fundamental basics.

The structure contains the basic comments to help separate the 3 stages, along with all the stage blocks being named appropriately.

Made for July 4th 2019

Video overview:

Made By
Jonathan Tremblay

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Jonathan Tremblay
10 months ago
Thank you, yeah it took a me a couple of tries to figure a simple and effective way to do so.
Catman Dude
10 months ago
Nice job, Jonathan! Good explanation in the video, especially of how to stagger the gate signals into stages.
10 months ago
Fine, and you can use it every year on 4th of July. On end of the year also - thanks Jonathan.