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One truly analog sounding synth for everything.

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1.13a (Updated 2 years ago)
July 24, 2019
Reaktor 6


If someone will dig it - please upload presets that you make!
If you create music with this with please post it here.
HARMONIC PLASMA by Roman Smirnov RO-mix@2019
A synth with a character. Explores principles of harmonic tuning.Explore Different filters, they feedback. All controls sound very harmonically so you can operate resonances. In develop.
1.13a SEQ improvements. MORE presets. Cosmetics
1.12a Incorporated new fx block. Now fx are multichannel. Look ant ens structure.
1.11a Took FX section from Chaocharl
1.9e more presets. kbd off fix
1.9d added lp filter to saw. COsmetics
1.9c Returned old working version of harmonic saw. Finetuning.
1.9b Finetuning. Added presets to demo harmonic saw and square in ens level bank. Many presets became weird since re-tuning. KNOWN BUGS - SUB knob on harmonic saw does not get initialized correctly

1.9a Harmonic saw and square amplitude calibration. Filter cutoff range calibration.
1.8b finished next stage of harmonic square osc
1.8a Countinue to develop harmonic square osc. MOdel is half built but already something...
1.7aa bugfix. pitch in square was disconnected. When using harm square turn pressure to minimum! Continue to develop a concept.

1.7a Patches refinement. Fine tuning. Added Multifilter modulation seq. In some patches it can be inactive, i don't know how to solve it.
1.6a Finally 12 octave by 12 OSC square bank! Still need to figure out many things.
1.6 After completing interface structure finally built harmonic square osc as it planned to be. Will continue to tune and develope it.
1.5d fixed wrong behaviour of detune in harmonic square which was giving double notes.
1.5c Fixed wrong OSC pitching. Made defaults for tuning in SEQ and osc. Started to create basic presets. Some presets are old and initialise seq wrong. Check ens level presets.
1.5b Improved sequencers. Added another pitch mod seq. Transpose. Cosmetic fixes.
1.5a Added second OSC pitch modulation and OFF switch to SEQ.
1.4bb Changed harmonic square osc. Fixed pitch of osc. Continue to work...
1.4b beutifyed
1.4a: Harmonic optimization. Golden ratio involved. When you manually set fader in harmonic section to zero it starts from zero. When you reset fader by doubleclicking it starts from golden meaning ratio.
1.3c: Preset block fixed! VIs improved
1.3b: improved vis. more presets
1.3a: Corrected harmonic resonances. I dig it... Added KBD OFF option to voicing.
UPD: Preset block working now!
1.2a: Modified sequencer. Interface tweaks. Preset control does not work.
1.1a: Added sequencer and harmonic square ocs. Can not get snapshot block to work properly.
Took REPLICANT as a basis and developed additional new octave harmonic oscillator. It is a fast build and prototype of the OSC and synth will develop. I like really analog behavior. It is very musical every knob. Try to set harmonic osc faders to 0.1-0.2-0.3 etc.

In DEMO you can hear two parts. First with 96000 internal samplerate, and a second with 48000.
Some presets do not work. But i made some ensemble level presets to demo and explore.
I will live with this thing and and develop further. Have some ideas about harmonic synth tuning.
FIXED filter switchers wrong routing. Added Sequencer.


Livio Rock
8 months ago
Bellissimo synth complesso ma stimolante ma ha un consumo dell CPU eccessivo pur avendo 32gb di rama e un pc con processore Xeon E3@3.30GHZ
2 years ago
Will give it a try, I like what I hear thus far!
2 years ago
COntribute preset please if you will live with this synth!
Ron Botón
2 years ago
I just wanted to quickly test this one, but I got hooked on it. There might be room for imrovement, but I already realy like this synth. It is simple and complex at the same time and sounds realy, realy good!
2 years ago
Roman, if you zip your upload size is 3 mb.
alex thompson
2 years ago
Nice work :) Well done :)
2 years ago
If someone will dig it - please upload presets that you make!
2 years ago
Thanks Roman. The first version sounds brighter. I like the dirty version of your demo.