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MMA-Missing Master Automation

Designed mostly for Native Maschine as an master effect Plug

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1.0 (Updated 1 year ago)
October 24, 2019
Reaktor 6
Effect Multi-Effect



This Plugin is design to be placed in the (Maschine) Master Channel as an Effect and act as an overall Song automation.

It does not follow the Pattern, only the absolute Song position.

On the top you will find:
1. the continous Bar Counter
2. the graphical 8-Bar Grid
3. the overall Song time
4. the actual program number

! !!!!!!For a new Song you have to use a new project number !!!!!!!!!

There are 9 different Graphs (Eventtables) where you can draw your automation .

Holding CTRL while Drawing creates straight horizontal Lines

Hoding SHIFT while Drawing connects Start- and Endpoint with a Line.

Effect Stutter has a Value Control and a small Number on the left Textfield to adjust the Stutter Steps.

Effect Noise has a Value Control a on the left Textfield to adjust the Volume of the Noise.

The most bottom field is used as an XY ZOOM

The FREEZE Button switches between Follow Mode and Freeze Mode.

The colored Lines between the Graphs changes Colors according to the Songposition, and switch back every 8 Bar.

The counting Numbers at the Song Position Line are:
Bar and Songtime in M:SS

The automation cannot exceed more than 10 minutes.

For me it is a working version, but an overall Beta version, so please comment your suggestions and ideas in the User library for further Development.

Have Fun.